NSCN (Unification) clarifies



Apropos article captioned “NSCN (IM) on April 22 firing” that appeared in the local dalies on 25th April, the NSCN/GPRN clarifies that the claims therein is false and baseless.

That late. Capt. Atovi who was killed by Muivah’s cadres was non-alcohalic, non-abuser of any intoxicants and a person with good moral integrity well known by many persons to confirm this fact, and not as claimed or accused to mislead the Nagas to evade blame for their heinous crime upon a dedicated national worker working in favour of Naga unification and peace.

That, this incident was the culmination of the NSCN personnel intercepting three truck loads of smuggled round logs from Intangki National reserved forest of Nagaland by the Tangkhuls as asserted by them through their released press article.

Publicity Cell, NSCN/GPRN.


In response to article captioned “Land encroachers by unification team” written under the bogus alias name of Nikugha Sumi, SO, NBO, GPRN, it is informed that Bohoto, Secretary to the GPRN is not a person of such status and moral integrity as rendered. The former issued this order to encroachers of Rangapahar Zoological Park to halt such selfish grabbing of common property of the Nagas in the larger interest and welfare of everyone, including the wrong-doers/propagandists.

Let common sense take over all mud slinging and concocted and cheap propagandas.

Publicity Cell, NSCN/GPRN.



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