Peace: Need of the hour


To be a Naga is a pride and we are proud of our identity to be a citizen of this wonderful land. Nagas are peace loving people and we have been talking about peace for many decades, while looking forward what peace means, today peace in Naga-land is a burning problem. Each and every Naga wants peace in reality for all round develop-ment of true Naga culture in our society.

I always use to ask this question to myself and wonder whether Naga unity itself will convince the people to be unified or citizens of this land should create unity. When there is unity there will be no enmity and killing among the Naga brothers. It is right time to voice for unity by the Nagas as one common front. We should also prepare to give up our own interest for the larger interest of the Nagas. In this regard, be a politician, bureau-crats or be it businessman or the responsible citizens one should be supportive to each other to be a torch bearer of peaceful negotiation and unity among the Nagas.

The responsibility of the State government is to deliver peace and development and to create a conducive atmosphere so as to enable the citizens to avail the opportunities which will reflect peaceful co-existence. The need of the hour is “peace and development”. The sincere participation should be the central role of our people. The popular government of the day should identify such individual or NGO’s by provid-ing the state responsibilities in the line of financial and technical back ups etc As such our state capital Kohima and Dimapur the commercial hub, are the mirror of our state and must be accorded top most priority for modernization by using the funds judiciously, without forgetting the other districts for progress and development as all the elected representatives whether ruling or opposition have a big role and same responsibilities where the voice of the electorate has to be heard.

Finally to fulfill all the aspiration of the Nagas, I would like to sincerely appeal to our Naga Nation Workers that people respect Nation workers as the guardian of unity and freedom as such it is the high time to use good wisdom to bring long cherished of our people by delivering unity and freedom among the Nagas which will whisper the songs of peace and development in this “wonderful land”.

S Supongmeren Jamir,

(Ex- MLA)


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