The basis for Naga unity


The Nagas have been desperately in search of unity through the process of reconciliation and peace among the factions for half a century with much success. What has made the Nagas so difficult to unite? Is it because the factions have gone too far in their excesses against each other? We fail because our search for unity is focused on the narrow aspects of uniting the factions only.

The search for unity, need to involve a step-wise, bringing together divergent groups; between the underground groups, then between over-ground groups and finally, between the underground and over-ground Nagas.

The search for Naga unity should have a basis. The 1951 plebiscite can be that basis because it made a clear policy statement on geo-political stand of the Nagas. It is our road map. It defined our political aspiration and declared our natural right on our own land based on historical fact. It demarcated the extent of Naga inhabited areas of land. The plebiscite is the mandate of all the Nagas. It was voluntary plebiscite observing all the norms in which, 99% Nagas had united and anticipated. It preceded all the causes of discord. The plebiscite manifested the height of Naga unity. This can serve as the meeting point.

The call of the hour is unity. The time seems to be running out for Nagas. With fast diminishing element of patriotism our struggke has come to such a stage and a situation in which, if something is not done now, chances are that the Naga political struggle may meet a natural death. The increasing public uprising against the national workers in reent times poses a threat for self defeat. Poverty of political philosophy can lead our freedom struggle to a humiliating end.

Dr. K. Hoshi, Phek Town.


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