Are we a true Christians?

Are we a true Christians? 13 MAY NPN

Are we really the so-called Christians? To start with, we are the only state in India where 100% of the people are Christians. So we feel very proud of that right? But for all the true followers of Christianity I think we are just an insult to it.

We say we are united but we are the only ones killing our own race. The recent killings and corruptions are all signs of our faith (Christianity) being destroyed.

I don’t know the entire verses of the Bible but I know it’s written in the Bible to love our enemies. Leave aside our enemies because we don’t even love our own brothers. I may be just a youth with my own opinion, but being a part of this beautiful land and seeing it getting battered not by others but ‘Nagas’, I feel sorry for even calling myself a true Christian.

Our people need a second evangelical movement and this has to be done soon before we start licking our own wounds.


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