GPRN/NSCN reacts to NSCN (IM)

14 May npn

GPRN/NSCN is com-pelled to point out that the article supposedly written by Qhevihe Chishi and Kedutsu Tsuzu, Steering Committee and Convener and Home Kilonser respectively. Yet again it is another sad episode of Hebron campers using the name of two Naga gentlemen to lash out at Nagas. The write up simply did not originate from the two and evidently, they were not even informed that there names would be inserted as authors of the malicious article. This is another glaring example of Muivah’s gang forcing a Naga to devour another while the real culprit watch from behind.

Nagas are now cleared where the blame of the Naga movement, Nagas are now clear where the plane of the Naga movement, as the article suggest is being hijack to so called political dialogue which, at one point of time the Nagas supported, has crash landed. Naga people have clearly witnessed the faulty engine and the confused pilot.

Home Kilonser, Azheto and his colleagues of GPRN/NSCN can boldly stand and raise their bibles before the Naga people and affirm that Naga unification was initiat-ed with the consent of Chairman Isak Chishi Swu. A copy of Chairman’s decl-aration of unity, peace and reconciliation and other proclamations would still be available all over Nagaland. GPRN/NSCN is a legitimate and mandated organization. It is a coming together of all true Naga patriots ready to harness the strength and will of the Naga people to equally share the fruits of National unity.

One man’s treachery is another man’s act of salvaging the nation. To Muivah and his gang, Kilonser Azheto maybe anything but to the millions of Naga, he is a brave patriot whose life wide open the veil that hinder the vision of Naga nationhood.

Ten years of negotiations with the GOI has collapsed under the sheer weight of Muivah’s errational stand, “no integration no solution”. Decades of tireless effort put in by the NGOs, civil societies, Hohos and the Church have gone in vain for one man’s insistence on non-existence national principle and the tiresome ‘open door policy’ which never open up.

It is for the Nagas to judge as to who introduced abductions, ransom demand, intimidations, threats, extor-tions, assassinations and bone-crashing torture tactics in the once Christian principled Naga society. Was it not Muivah’s gang? After committing horrific acts upon Leinong, Konyak and Khiamnungan region in Eastern Nagaland wiping out entire inhabitants from the villages, they were driven out towards western Nagaland were peace and freedom loving Naga people, particularly the western Sumis, sheltered and fed them.

After two decades of strengthening their skins and bones, the street of ruthlessness restarted. Thus, the seed of hatred “abductions, kidnapp-ing, extortions, threats, assass-inations etc, took roots. The fabric of Naga unity was twisted to suit the comfort.

The lives of many Naga intellectuals, Hoho leaders, NGO members are endangered particularly the Sumi Hoho and western Hoho members, con-sidering the amount of hatred and contempt heaped on them for letting the Nagas know the truth. Before committing any further crime, Hebron campers should do well to look back two decades and see their own skeletal friends in battered fabrics protected by western Sumis and other Nagas.

GPRN/NSCN seeks to remind Muivah’s gang that every Naga lives is precious and the will of the Nagas to live in unity is final and irrevocable. Seeking sympathy using Qhevihe’s and Kedutsu’s to suit dirty politics do not work anymore.

Publicity Cell GPRN/NSCN.

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