Is this your gift to your children?

Is this your gift to your children? 14 may npn

Nagaland is for Christ, and we are Christians. But bullet riddled bodies, inhuman and brutal killings, rape and scandals and scams hit the headlines almost everyday.

You look around you; you see fear and helplessness in the eyes of people. Peace loving people are disgusted by all these senseless violence but scared. Why? Naga fathers and brothers, where are we heading? What legacy are we leaving for our children? Is this what you want to gift your sons and daughters? Do you really care for your people, your children, your mothers and sisters, your beautiful land? Brothers killing brothers, mothers weeping for the sons taken away by bullets, mothers weeping for their dear sons, who have become killers.

What have we become? What are we fighting for? Whom are we fighting for? Who are we fighting? Who is the enemy? Who is the worst enemy of the Nagas? How long do we go on like this? Nagas, when do we all gather up enough courage to say, “Enough is enough?”

Fear in the minds of the young and old alike, living in fear for today, living in fear for tomorrow. Do we have a future for our children, perhaps a future of fear is all we are preparing for our children. What story books are we writing today for our tomorrow? (A ‘tomorrow’? if at all our people could survive this dreadful disease of hatred and bloodshed among our fathers and brothers!) What will our children read about us tomorrow? Will they read about how many Naga brothers killed their own brothers? Will they read about how they have terrorized their own children with the sounds of bullets and bombs that killed their own brothers and fathers? Will they read of how Naga children were made orphaned by their own Naga fathers? Will they read about how many Naga mothers and sisters were made widows by their own bothers? What sense does it make dear Naga fathers and brothers? Is gun culture all that you can teach your sons and daughters?

Elsewhere in the world, we see, we read, and we hear about cyclones, earthquakes, epidemics, floods, famines, droughts, untold suffering of people, people dying in thousand and we are pained . And we wonder and are amazed of how fortunate we are in this blessed land of the Nagas! Natural calamities and Nagaland…. we are strangers to all these natural calamities.

Nagaland a most blessed place, a most beautiful place, a rich and bountiful land, impoverished by hatred, killings, fears, corruption, hypocrisy, factionaism, tibalism, you name it, and we afflicted with the worst man-made Calamity/Tragedy ever created by our own bloody hands, our own sinister brains, our own crooked minds, our own greed filled hearts ! Will our children be proud to call themselves as honest, just and upright Nagas or will they hang their heads in shame for what their fathers have done? Will they be ridiculed for no fault of theirs? Will your sisters and mothers feel safe while their men are busy killing each other?

We are scared of our own fathers and brothers. They kill, they hurt, they steal, they rape, and they are brutal! In the beautiful hills and mountains of Nagaland, people are scared to speak the truth, people are made numbed by fear of the bullet, people live in insecurity, children are raised in confusion and conflict, they are forced to see their innocent little world going up in flames, youth are misled by selfish leaders, and youth are senselessly driven by confusion created by their fathers and elders.

I hope and desperately hope that our fathers and brothers who have lost their “vision” will seek the face of God and get the courage and wisdom to do the right. I hope and pray that our mothers and sisters will be brave enough to defend the beauty of our land and our people, and our children, our hope for the future from the ugliness of hatred and bloodshed that is threatening the very existence of our people and our beautiful land!



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