Naga national politics and betrayers

Naga national politics and betrayers   13 MAY NPN

Thanks to our brave fathers, who for thousands of years defended our national right to decide our future by ourselves against all aggressors to stay alive on one hand, and leave the legacy of living politics to their posterity on the other.

The politics of Naga National resistance movement is based on the rock of that right. We value that right above everything else all because it is the foundation of both individual and community life. This is the bedrock of our national organization and the state whereupon the future of the present and the coming generations hangs. The national revolution like ours is the highest politics of millions of people to be spearheaded by mandated revolutionary elders. It calls for seasoned workers who have total commitment to the cause and loyalty to the nation and leadership so that the plane of the movement is piloted in the right route for the destination. Leading and conducting a revolution of a people is not the job of unprincipled people. It demands of us many qualities. The mushroom growth of illegitimate and un-mandated organizations in the stolen name of the people is the sign of lawlessness in the land, and commercialization of revolution. We know there are some people among us who deliberately nurture the illegal and un-mandated organizations with an eye to make money out of it. Mind that it is the worst kind of investment. Does an illegitimate organization represent the people? In Naga Society illegitimate child does not represent the family. It is ridiculous to expect national independence from traitors and illegitimate organizations No history ever makes mention of traitors liberating a people.

There were a section of people who welcome Azheto and company with fanfare when the latter run away with stolen arms from Hebron camp betraying the people and the leadership as well. The following day, they were projected by the Indian pressmen as NSCN (Unification). But for the Naga people there is only one NSCN. There is no NSCN-K or NSCN-U. K and U are only the brainchild of the press. Within no time, the so-called NSCN-U started kidnapping

businessmen for handsome amount of ransom, intimidating people, abducting and killing those who defied their dictation. Extortion is still going on day in and day out without ceasing in the sweet name of unification. All these broad daylight robberies are being committed in the eyes of the people. Shall we call them champions of the people? No, not at all.

In order to strengthen their position they implicated even the name of Isak Chishi Swu, the president of Government of the People’s Republic of Nagalim stating that unification move was done in tune with the directive of Isak. Is it logical to say that a man who stages a coup against a president is for the president? Definitely not. This unification move is nothing, but an attempted coup. Even the government of India says, “It is an illegal organization.” Finding themselves that they are in the middle of nowhere, they have finally joined forces with Khaplang group, another darling of the Indian Intelligence people.

It is an open secret that it is the Indian Intelligence who engineered the defection of Azheto and Company through the good offices of Sumi Hoho and Western Sumi Hoho leadership. Where are those leaders who talk of Azheto’s

Unification camp heaven-high? Where is their sweet message? Where are their high sounding promises? Oh brothers, how long will you deceive the people!

How long will you keep on telling fabricated stories to cry down the leadership of the Naga Nation? How long will you keep on vomiting venom of hatred and communalism? Do you think that your idea sells? We don’t think so. It will only boomerang on you.

Qhevihe Chishi Swu

Convener, Steering Committee, NSCN

Kedutsu Tsuzu, Kilo Kilonser,GPRN


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