Rejoinder to NNC (Non-Accordist) warns renegades

15 may NPN

Firstly, I would like to know who is Mhasi Angami, the so called publicity an information Secretary, till date. There has no any name such as Mhasi Angami in the organization, as far as my knowledge is concerned. And when there is no any such name enrolled in the organization, who is he to drag our name in the media. Without knowing the ground realities, if he (Mhasi) really claiming to be a publicity and information secretary. I challenged, let him come out with full evidence and present himself before the organization, else would invite more troubles and confusion in the future and also among the party workers.

For the past years, I was closely working with the General Secretary as an in-charge of a finance com-mittee member. And during my tenure, I have performed my duties with outmost sincerity and efficiency. But after realization that the fund was not utilized for the organization, and only for the benefit of an individual, had resulted in splitting, mis-understanding and division among the party workers.

Therefore Accusing me and Abemo as renegades by collecting money from the business establishment is totally baseless and bogus. If at all accusing us, let along come out with full prove and evidence and clear it to the Nagas in general and NNC in particular, this is nothing but just out of frustration and desperateness trying to malign and tarnish our image with sole motive.

Regarding the Depart-ment fund, we are not doing at out own, but with the direction from the higher authority. So there is no question of confusing with the false allegation, since the organization is not an individual organization.

N. Nicky Angami, member of central executive body,

P. R. Hill, Kohima.

Abemo Lotha, member of central executive body,

Lotha Region.

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