Settlement of case as per Naga customary law

Settlement of case as per Naga customary law   14 may npn

Know all men by these presents that we, six prisoners accused of murdering late Khoney Chang namely (1) Mengusielie Rulho, son of Thinnuochulie Rulhou (2) Mhasivilie Rulho son of Zalhuovi Rulho (3) Uokuohelie Mere son of Those Mere (4) Kiyasetuo Kenguruse son of Pfungulie (5) Vingutuo Rutsa son of Zei-o Rutsa (6) Ruuvinuo Rulho daughter of Mengusielie Rulho, all perma-nent residents of Nerhema village, district – Kohima, Nagaland, hereby and here-under are held and firmly bind ourselves jointly and severally unto Mr. & Mrs Ngaku Chang, parents of late Khoney Chang, residing at Yangpi village, district Tuensang, Nagaland, the Eastern Naga-land Peoples Organisation (ENPO) represented by Tongthan Khiamniungan and the Angami Public Organisation (APO) represented by the President Mhiesizokho Zinyu, as hereunder stated.

SEALED with our respective seals this 10th Day of May 2008 at Kohima.

WHEREAS the parents of six accused has approached the ENPO office by vide letter dated 17.3.08 along with endorsement letter dated 20.4.08 from the APO, Chairman, Nerhema village council and President NAPO with a request to settle the pending Criminal case GR/No 171/06 KMA(s) PS Case No 0039/06 US 447,365,302 IPC before ADC(J) Kohima, as per the Naga customary usages. The ENPO after examining the letters along with the deceased parents has resolved to consider the same and hence under the initiative of ENPO and APO on 10th May, 2008 a conciliation programme was held under the chairmanship of the President ENPUK at DUDA Guest House, Kohima in presences of the chairman village councils Nerhema and Yangpi. The parents of six accused on behalf of their children has sincerely tend-ered apologies and seeked forgiveness in the name of God before the parents of the deceased, the representatives of the ENPO and the APO Office bearers and further submited unintentionally they had done unthinkable crime and prayed for forgiveness for their children’s misdeed.

Conciliation prog-ramme concluded herein as under:

1. That the above mentioned six accused declared and admitted that late Khoney Chang son of Ngaku who was working as peon in the Office of the Chief Engineer, PHED, Kohima was murdered by the accused on 15.6.06.

2. That in consideration of the prayer and apologies tendered by the accused and their parents, as a true Christian, the parents of the deceased thereby forgave all the six accused for their misdeed/crime done against their son late Khoney Chang. The relatives of late Khoney Chang shall not take revenge in whatsoever manner in the near future.

3. That we the six accused hereby undertake that if any untoward incident happen to the family of the deceased or any member of the ENPO in connection with the same in future the six accused will be held responsible for the same.

4. That we the Presidents of ENPO and APO on behalf of our respective office declare that the said conciliation programme was initiated by us to solve the matter amicably as per the Naga customary practices and usages on the request made by the accused and their parents. We further declare that if any of the accused intentionally or unintentionally commit any untoward act in future in violation of this bond, the same shall be dealt accordingly by the two apex organization herein above mentioned.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have set and subscribed their res-pective hands and seals on the day, month and year first above mentioned.

Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of the herein mention witnesses:


David T. Sangtam, president, ENPUK, K Neingunyü Sekhose, president NAPO, C. Lemba, chairman Yanpi V/C, Zakieneisa Kiewhuo, Chair-man, Nerhema V/C.

Name of the accused:

Rüüvinuo, Mengusielie, Mhasivilie, Rukuohelie, Vingutuo, Kiyasetuo.

Parents of the deceased:

Ngaku Chang.Mhiesizokho Zinyü, president, APO, Tongthan Khiamniungan, president (Acting), ENPO.

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