The present scenario of Naga society

The present scenario of Naga society  13 MAY NPN

What happened to the current situation in our society? We impose restrictions and boundaries on ourselves. Blood are shade by the Naga for the Nagas. Is not it? We are fighting for the quantities which we never required; we must fight for the quality to bright our land. We need to generate unity towards our land. The crowding is following you (us).

Dear Nagas, don’t be a coward. The bow must be held tight and the arrows should run at the speed of the light. We are strong, bold and capable enough to rule the world. We need to be natural in our politics. The land, people, history, culture is for us and it’s not artificial and it’s ours forever, we would never surrender.

Dear people, we should shout “unity is our strength” we need to prevail love and peace that’s our symbol. And as Nagas, we would never bow down our head and we can’t be the slave of others. So we have to unite. Still its not too late to reach our goal.

Our leaders are fighting for the cause of Nagas and it’s not for there benefit, the question is between you and I. Now the situation is becoming out of control, making rivers of blood.

Dear civilians we are the roots to cease the problem, we are not here to see and watch but we are here to judge them and watering them when they thirst. Let us stand under one banner to re-unite among ourselves.

Ada zholia (Delhi)


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