WSH attacks Rio, NSCN (IM)

WSH attacks Rio, NSCN (IM)  14 MAY NPN

The Western Sumi Hoho (WSH) is dismayed and shocked over the recent statement of the chief minister, Neiphiu Rio denouncing and disowning the current peace and unification process. It is known fact that all the Nagas irrespective of political affiliations, social and religious obligations and different geographical demarcations have been crying hoarsely over the years for real peace, reconciliation and unification of all the Naga national workers. Over and above, the government of Nagaland under the leadership of N. Rio have been working for the same through his avowed policy of ‘equi-closeness’ thus far. Yet, his sudden backtracking on the current peace and unification process has not only hurt the sentiments of peace loving Nagas but it has grievously hurt the Naga unification process in its infancy.

In this short history since its inception from 1980 till few years back, the NSCN (IM) have been condemning the NNC, its leaders including A. Z Phizo and the Shillong Accordist. Again, by 1988, the NSCN (IM) group started condemning the NSCN (K) till now. Moreover, the NSCN (IM) massacred hundreds of Khiamniungan and even killed pastor and then massacred hundreds of Kuki people all in the name of false Naga National principle. All these are still afresh in the minds of Naga people.

It is a known fact that the Sumi people almost single-handedly sheltered and fed the NSCN (IM) to let it stand on its own feet all these years. And now in return, this same group has started condemning the Sumi people calling names for which we believe the posterity will be a judge.

The NSCN (IM) group implicating the Sumi people alone with Unification group has been working hand in glove with Indian government and its intelligence agencies is nothing but a figment of imagination of these self centered people. In fact, the NSCN (IM) self styled boss Muivah is the one who is working with Indian government and its agencies against the noble aspirations of the Naga people. He is being housed at MP’s residence at Delhi with full security coverage provided by GoI.

It is to be noted by all the right-thinking Nagas that the current unification process was known by all the Nagas since it was not started behind some close doors as alleged. In fact, Isak Chishi Swu had issued some positive statement in support of unification of all the Nagas. Unfortunately, somehow, Muivah have brain washed Isak and other opportunist national workers and had won hoodwinking the Naga people with his so-called self-centred Naga National ‘principle’ which is nothing but his personal agenda. All these developments are well known by Qhevihe Chishi Swu since he was closely involved in the initial unification process. The first meeting for unification initiative was held in his private residence at Khushia Bill, Dimapur on 11

th December’07 followed by a meeting at Hokiye Yepthomi’s residence at Khehokhu village on 12th December’07. Qhevihe, Qhehezu and Vikiye have attended in all these meetings and the Western Sumi Hoho office has the record clean and clear of what these ‘hoodwinked’ people said. Therefore, Quevihe and his colleagues may be brain washed by Muivah but they can never hood-wink the Nagas since the truth shall always prevail. It is therefore advised to these confused Naga leaders not to sign the dotted lines before knowing the same thoroughly. Press Cell. Western Sumi Hoho.

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