NSUP Celebrates 28th Freshers’ Day

R.B. Thohe Pou
Nagas are well known for their good hospitality since British’s colonization in Nagalim and this year too, the Naga Students Union, Pune (NSUP) shows their good hospitality to the new comers in the city by welcoming and celebrating 28th Freshers’ Day on 2nd August 2008. This year many students from Nagaland University couldn’t take admission in Post Graduate courses in University of Pune (commonly known as the Oxford of the East) due to late
declaration of the result in Nagaland University. However a good number of students came to Pune from Nagaland, Manipur and other Universities for Graduate, Post graduate, Theological course and other courses.

The NSUP Freshers’ Day celebration started late only by an hour this year, which was supposed to start at 10:30am. In the First Session, there was Introduction of Freshers and they introduced themselves about their institutions and course they are pursuing now and the community they belong to. There were also Mr. and Miss Freshers contest and the beautiful bouquets were presented to Mr and Miss Freshers during the entertainment session.

Mr. Vizokho Zashumo the President of NSUP warmly welcomed and congratulated the Freshers in his Presidential address. He also urged all the members to give valuable suggestions and opinions and be a part of the change for good. He also said that they are always open to criticisms that are constructive and not destructive. “We are indeed lucky to have the two bodies – the NSUP and NCF. These two bodies have been playing a vital role in shaping us socially, morally, spiritually and politically” he said. The NSUP also coming up with their official website, which is currently under construction and you may access from the website (www.nsupune.com) for more details about the NSUP. “We will be creating a profile of all the registered ones, so that in time of emergency, we will have access you all” he said. In this first session there was also discussion hour on different issue for the welfare of the Organization. After the discussion hour there was tantalizing Naga lunch (Pork) with bamboo shoot and Naga King Chilly. In Second Session, there was entertainment program. Mary Liza Swu one of the well known Naga singers started the first song dedicating to NSUP President and the second song to NCF Pastor. Many other artistes also presented different songs during the entertainment program.

Today the NSUP is proud of its organization for having the only Naga Student Union, where there is no division of different tribes or regional divisions. NSUP is the only Naga organization where all the Naga Tribes come under one Organization or Union without dividing into Tribal or Regional Organization; there is also no East, West, South or North Naga Organization in Pune. How many of us will accept and take up NSUP as one of the “Best Model of Naga Organization” which will lead to one Naga Organization or Union without dividing into different Tribal Unit or Regional Unit? The Naga Hoho, so called the apex body of the Naga Organization also may take up NSUP as the Best Model of Naga Organization so that there may be only one Naga Organization without dividing into Regional Unit.

Long Live Naga Students Union, Pune



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