My First Impression Still Remain Afresh

(This is not a Poem; it is just written for easy reading)


My first impression still remain afresh

And I keep dreaming and dreaming the same

I’ll keep dreaming even if it becomes a dream

When I first saw your write-up in G.J. Souvenir

I said, “I want to meet and talk to her”

Then I went through again the same article

When I first come to know you in Orkut

The SAME NAME strikes my mind

Suddenly my curiosity was boosted

I said, “If you are the same girl”

I want to talk and meet you since ‘05

Coming to know that you are the same person

Am happy like his dad meeting his prodigal son

It was a dream for me when I first chat with you

And I was excited to chat and meet you online

Sometime I might have disturbed phoning you

But I believe you understand me as a your friend

I trust & consider you as one of my good friends

I may want to talk to you every day

But you don’t have enough time to talk with…

To talk and meet you was my dream as you know

But you may have different dreams and plans

And I’d respect your different dreams and plans

Human beings have many dreams and plans

Unless we have same dream and plan

We may landed to different planet happily or sadly

To some people just knowing their names is enough

But I want to know more than just your name

I want to know you more and more about you

The more I come to know about you

The more I want to know you more

The more I talk to you

The more I want to talk to you

The more I see your picture

The more I want to see more

The more I hear your voice

The more I want to hear more

But I may be one of your least bother friends

Anyway I’m privilege to be one of your friends

Still you don’t know much about my dreams

But I want to assure that you won’t be regretted

For knowing more & keeping me as your friend

I respect the others’ views

I respect the woman’s rights

I respect others’ interest in life

I do understand what others need

I respect others and care for them

I have many interests in your work

I want to help and work together with you

 I also need someone like you to help me

If you understand my dreams and hopes

I would be one the happiest man on earth

And I keep dreaming to work together with

There are many beautiful creation of God

But I find you one of the most beautiful one

What I keep dreaming and hoping for

May come true; that is what I do believe

My dream may come true or may not come true

But I won’t regret for what I’m dreaming now

I know that it is worth dreaming and hoping for

Sometime, I said, “Come to your sense”

But I said, “I know what I’m dreaming for”

I may dream and dream but it I’ve not the key

From the time I came to know and talked to you

I keep looking for the chance to talk to you

I keep looking for the chance to meet you

Sometime the more I try to talk to you

The more you get less time to talk with…

The last chance to meet in last summer was lost

Now winter has set in but busy with works again

You know all my dream and hopes

But I’m still waiting you to share your dreams

I’ll keep dreaming and waiting for…

For it is worth to dream and hope in life

I’m not just dreaming some ephemeral material

But the ultimate one that will remain green forever

And this is the reason I keep praying to God

It would be worth dreaming you & waiting His time


                                      (From: Thohe, 30th Nov. 2008)



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