The Evergreen Beautiful Tree

Once I travelled through the highland
I notice the beautiful woodland from a distance
As I travelled through the woodland
With beautiful songs the birds welcome everyone
I assume to be a new dignitary guest in the forestland
I keep travelling through the woodland
In summer all those green trees look alike from a distance
Some leaves are broad and others are pointed
I found uncountable beautiful trees
But all the trees shed their leaves in winter –
Except a beautiful green tree I saw from a distance
Through the woodland I continue to travel to find the tree
But on the way I lost the way as I go deep inside the forest
Took a deep breath, I came out from that thick forest
And tried to locate again the green tree from a distance
Many times I have tried to spot that particular green tree
But still I’m on my way to reach in that particular tree
From a distance the evergreen tree looks very beautiful
I wish to go again to find the exact location of the tree
And tie that tree with a rope as a sign of reservation
Whenever I visited that forestland and see the tree
I pondered what if that green tree also dries up someday
Will I find another green tree in all the seasons?
I frequently travelled to have glance of that beautiful tree
I also wish many times that beautiful tree grows in my garden
I find contentment seeing that beautiful tree in all the seasons
I wish to buy that forestland; I wish to fence that forestland
And protect from wild animals and others from cutting down
Will I revisit the beautiful woodland if that green dries up?
I wish to find that tree and reserve for me
But what if I cannot locate that particular valuable tree?
Will I have more energy to travel through the woodland?
I consider that green tree as valuable tree in the woodland
From a distance I also saw the birds perching on the tree
But the bird perching on the tree reveals a good sign only
I’m still watching from a distance and studying the tree
It is my hope that someday I’ll be able to reach that tree
When the other trees shed their leaves in winter
That tree continue to remain green, tall and unique
Many people might have seen that tall and beautiful tree
And regarded as a valuable tree for a noble purpose
I wish to cut the tree and build a beautiful wooden house
And my beautiful house may become home sweet home

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