The Naga: Clash of Ideology and Principle (Part II)

Today we see another clash of ideology and principle when the NSCN-U was formed by Sumi group to bring unification and reconciliation in Nagalim. Why the NSCN-U was formed is the main question that asked today by many Naga thinkers and other Naga leaders. Does the NSCN-U was formed because of the NSCN-IM cannot bring unification of the Naga people in Nagalim? Why the NSCN-U leaders didn’t work under the leadership of NSCN-IM and bring Naga unification and reconciliation with their present ideology and principle instead of breaking away from NSCN-IM? Did they communicate their ideologies and principle and aspirations to bring Naga unification with the NSCN-IM leaders? What was the reaction and response of the NSCN-IM leaders about the unification of different factions and Naga civil society? How far the NSCN-IM and K have been mobilising the Naga people to bring unification of Naga people besides accusing and killing each other? Today, which Naga faction has the highest mobilising power to bring unification in Nagalim? Do we really need unification and reconciliation before the final verdict comes from the present Indo-Naga political talk? What will happen if there is no unification of Naga faction? Who will lead the Naga people and who will be assassinated after the final decision comes from Indo-Naga political talk? If there is not reconciliation and unity amongst different factions, I perceive only bloods flowing in Nagalim once the Naga received right to self-determination or whatever rights may receive from Indian government.

It may be bitter for some Naga people to accept the ideology and principle of the NSCN-U to unite and bring reconciliation. But any Naga leader or layman who loves the Naga unity and reconciliation should be happy to accept such kind of ideology and principle. Indeed the ideology and principle of the NSCN-U is quite appreciable when it comes to unification and reconciliation of the Naga people. However any group which is formed by a single tribe or a few tribes cannot or will be difficult to embrace the whole Naga society, eg. the Tangkhul and Sumi dominated leaders in NSCN-IM earlier failed to embrace the whole Naga society; the same goes to Khaplang group. So let’s think of a faction dominated by a single tribe or all the main posts come under a single tribe. However some of the thinkers and leaders who are for the unity and reconciliation may have different views – it may does not matter whether the Tangkhul, Ao, Angami, Sumi, Mao, Poumai or any other tribe lead the Naga community when they are capable to mobilise and bring unity and reconciliation the Naga people. Now the question arises – are the NSCN-IM and K leaders incapable to mobilise and bring unity and reconciliation the Naga people?

Today the Nagas in this cross-road add more problems as so called the National leaders having their own ideologies, principles and pride. Today fratricidal policy may be another ideology and principle by some factions but should we accept such kind of ideology and principle? What is their main ideology and principle behind killing amongst the Nagas? I doubt that fratricidal will bring prosperity and earn dignity in our society. Is it impossible to solve the factional problem amicably without killing each other? Today if you are given a chance to choose, what would be your option to choose – whether to get rights to self-determination without peace, development and bloodshed or live a harmonious life with unity and peace in Nagalim without rights to self-determination? How many Naga people would love to live in Nagalim with the present rate of killing, extortion, fratricide and hatred amongst the factional group? I am afraid that if the present rate of fratricidal and problem resume in Nagalim, there may be many Nagas who would love to choose the latter option leaving the dream and aspiration of the NNC. Whatever it may be Nagalim is our birthplace (Home sweet Home) and every one of us may prefer to live in Nagalim having the basic modern amenities than living outside the Nagalim with luxurious modern amenities.

In the last Naga Hoho meeting in Peren (Nagaland State), Dr. Wati rightly said that the Naga resist having self-examination. Not only resisting to self-examination, we are also now started to resist learning and adopting the good culture of the Naga. There are now five factions – 2 NNCs and 3 NSCNs in Nagalim and it will be difficult to avoid incidental killing when they meet incidentally but ambushing and killing the other groups bring only dishonour to their group because Naga want peace and unity in Nagalim. The civilian may not speak out for fear of the gun and ex-communication but every remark or deed is engraved in their heart, which cannot be washed by the blood of the dead men during the factional killing. Our Naga forefather adopted and strictly followed the similar principle of the Christian to live with integrity and dignity. However, we are losing our own principle and trying to adopt the alien culture and principles. Many Nagas are proud to be called as Naga in different cities in India and abroad but it is disgraceful to be called as a Naga when it comes to barbaric factional killing – which seem reviving the antique culture of Naga headhunting with modern weapons.

Some of the characteristics or principles of the Nagas can be observed as – the Nagas love freedom, independence and strongly resist to others domination – may be by their own people or others. “It is one of the Naga characters that they are deeply averse to dictatorship imposition since the Nagas love to live an independent life since time immemorial. Even today – every Naga village is an independent village and they love to live in that way. Naga cannot be dominated and impose by any self-style rule. Nagas are peace loving people and they are more predisposing with the people who threaten and want to dominate” (Thohe: 2006). When this culture or principle of the Naga is disturbed, there is clash of their principle with others, which leads to violence and bloodshed. Not all the world political leaders have the same ideology and principle but understanding and respecting the differences for common good could help to exist peacefully as a global village. Today, unless our leaders realise the problem of understanding the differences – the problem in Nagalim may continue to exist till they realise or retire from their service for the people.

The Naga history shows how the Naga entire villages were almost destroyed and the women were raped; men were tortured and beaten up to death by the Indian Army. Many Nagas joined in underground out of anger to take revenge, while others joined to fight for their own rights. What will happen to your brother and sister today if you threaten, torture and kill them? In this crucial transitional stage, we need to apply our old principle and ideology, which our forefather enjoyed in bringing prosperity and living a life of integrity and dignity. We also need to ponder more seriously about our past history, present and future development. We need to have unity and peace with integrity and dignity otherwise having economic development, intellectuality; independence etc will not serve the purpose of our dream as a Naga. There is not any problem which is too difficult to solve amicably but the pride, unforgiving heart and faithless in God create the problem to accept one another. Many times our leaders know what is good and bad but their unforgiving nature adds more problems to the prevailing problem. Unless our leaders realise that all our Naga problems can be solved amicably and open their hearts to forgive and accept one another – the present problem and disunity will continue to widen.

Our Naga leaders may have different ideology and principle but we need to understand our differences and come to reconciliation table so that the present Indo-Naga political peace talks can be progressed with ease. The Naga GBs and DBs forum and Forum of Naga Reconciliation (FNR) are indeed doing a laudable job. The recent reconciliation football match in Dimapur is another fruitful sign of reconciliation. We may be having different ideology and principle but the ideology and principle to have non-violence, Naga unity and reconciliation should not be compromised with our different ideology and principle. It is our Naga inspiration and dream to have rights to self-determination but we should also not compromise the unity of the Naga people for the sake of struggling to get the right to self-determination. We may be fighting to get the right to self-determination but snubbing the Naga Unity and Reconciliation would bring fruitless and bitter consequences. Anybody who is pretending to fight for the right of the Nagas without considering the Unity of the Naga people is only another traitor who will destroy the Naga society.

Today who would like to join in NSCN and be killed by his own brothers and sisters? Is it worth to be killed by your own brother and sister? For some factions – it may be a pride to kill his own Naga brothers and sisters but any nationalist or sensible person would condemn such kind of fratricide. Indeed it would be worth to die for the Naga people and kill by others and many Naga people are ready to die for the Naga people waiting for unity and reconciliation in Nagalim. I firmly believe that non-violence and reconciliation of the Naga faction would definitely help to bring our Naga dream and aspiration. The Naga unity and reconciliation would also speed up the present Indo-Naga peace talks with the government of India and we need to give full support to the Forum of Nagaland Reconciliation.

It is indeed appreciable that all the Naga faction leaders are gradually coming to understand each other their differences and praying for reconciliation. All the Naga faction leaders also need to know their own capabilities and weakness then there will be not clash of ideology and principle while carrying out their duty and sacrifice for the Naga Nation. Once they know their own capabilities and weaknesses with sincerity, it will be easier to accept others and come to reconciliation table. We know that a concrete building is not built by a single large stone and all those Naga factions having better strength should also accept the others with sincerity and prayer. It is also worth fighting to get the right to self-determination when we work together in one spirit and I personally believe that many young Naga intellectual and the entire Naga would love to participate more actively in solving the present Indo-Naga political problems once the reconciliation of the Naga faction is successful and there is peace and unity in Nagalim. We know, “Unity is Strength” and that is exactly the present FNR understands and doing practically. I personally appreciate the work of the FNR under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Wati Aier also all those Naga faction leaders who are trying to compromise their differences, forget and forgive their past misunderstanding. With our human strength and reasoning it may be difficult to forget and forgive one another but it is possible with our living God- Jesus Christ. Amen (To be concluded).

Dr. Thohe Pou


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