The Beautiful Lady Martha Fades away

It is indeed incredible but we have to accept the fact; one of the most beautiful ladies passed away on 24th March 09 morning without any sicknesss due to BP stroke only.

Her name is Late P. Martha Pao from Liyai village, Senpati District Manipur. She was a senior Lecturer in Don Bosco College, Maram, Manipur, a well known college in Manipur. She is a scholarly person, a promising lady who wants to work for the welfare of the society. The Naga people in particular to Poumai people have lost one of the most beautiful ladies in their society.

Please pray that her soul may rest in peace with our heavenly father and her bereaved family members may be consoled by our loving God.

The Beautiful Lady Martha Fades away

When are you coming back Miss Martha?
Your parents, friends and students are waiting you
What shall I compare you my dear friend?
You appeared like the morning dews and disappeared
Astonishing and touching every one’s heart
It is incredible – your loved ones are waiting you

Your beautiful dreams to be a faithful wife and mom
All your unfinished dreams – who will carry on now?
You had left unfulfilled many dreams for our people
And now not one can fulfill your dreams for our people
My people have copious of expectations more from you
Why not you share all the dreams before you left us?

You left us joyfully to dwell with our heavenly father
But your sudden leaving us made us numb and speechless
Not one expect your sudden departure from us
Your parents, siblings, friends and students are sobbing
We have lost one of the most beautiful ladies in our society
Oh! It is incredible for me till I see your beautiful grave

“The Girl from Yesterday” – the song by Eagle is with us
As we play the song – we’ll reminiscence your favorite song
But listening to your favorite song can’t console our sobbing
Your simplicity, honesty and industrious nature is incomparable
You have the patient to listen, understand and forgive others
It is still an abstruse for us why you’ve to leave us so soon

A scholarly person like you is rare in our society
You’ve imparted the knowledge and wisdom to your students
And today many students are following your immortal foot steps
Unexpectedly you left but your immortal good deeds will remain
Why not even a single word for your loved ones before you leave?
Your untimely departure is incredible and astounds everyone

(Dedicated to Miss Late P. Martha Pao, who left for her heavenly abode prematurely on 24th March 2009. She was a senior Lecturer in Don Bosco College, Maram Center, Senapati District, Manipur)

By: R.B. Thohe Pou, Pune

“Life is short in this world; take every opportunity to keep good friendship, forgive and contribute something memorable for the welfare of our society” -Thohe

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