Warn the Allege Anti-Naga in Public

-Dr. R.B.Thohe Pou
“A good leader is good as your good parent but the bad leader is bad as your unconcern parent”

Should we request the Naga National workers (NNW) to give warning to the allege anti-Naga person before the death penalty is given or should we continue to snub their present system and live a happy life? The dead man has no more voice to give his own statements; the public start to question and lose the trust. But should we blame the flawed system or the inefficiency of the individual leader? The Naga National Workers regardless of any factional group may need to gain more support from the Naga public but it can be done only if their present system is changed and improve the efficiency of their leaders’ work.
In this transitional stage of struggling to get the Rights to Self-determination (RSD), we need to build a good rapport between the Naga National Workers and the Naga public. It is frequently alleged by the relatives of the victims that the NNW did not serve any warning before his or her death penalty and the NNW also to use to allege of warning be given before the death penalty; so it comes two different versions and whom to trust now as it is a game of secrecy only. The NNW were not formed illegally; as they are legally working for the Naga people, they may have the right to serve notice or warn any individual publicly without playing the game of secrecy. The game of secrecy and ambiguity brings only suspicion in the mind of the people.
The NNW leaders may have the right to serve notice or warning to any allege person who is working against the national interest. But it would be a great shame to serve a death sentence when so called rich or businessmen failed to pay extortion money or whatever you named it. It may be important to note that the Naga people have different factional groups and we can’t deny that the people support only one factional group. It may be impossible to survive different factional groups without fratricidal or bloody feud without the people support and intelligent work given by the public. So it is clearly shows that the Naga publics are also divided into different groups according to the different factional groups.
The recent killing of late Khathing by NSCN-IM and charge sheet given to Khathing’s son and the question rise by Khathing’s son regarding the charge sheet clearly shows the misunderstanding between the victim’s kin and the NSCN-IM, which also gives mystification in the mind of the public. In this particular case, if the warning would have been given publicly – the victim might have changed his attitude or the victim’s kin might have not rise any question against the NSCN. But now the consequences in the mind of the public may not be the same as they unconsciously assume to be as many Nagas might have different opinions about their system prevailing now. In every society or nation – different opinion or misunderstanding means more disunity only. There would be many other similar cases in Naga history commencing from Sakhrie killing to present stage of Naga struggles for sovereignty, when the victim’s kin alleged that they did not get any warning from the NNW before the death penalty is given to the victim but some of the victim’s kin silently suffered without raising any question against them or seeking any justification. In a very mystery case in 2008, the death penalty was given by so called the NNW to one person without giving any warning but due to God’s grace the death penalty was revoked mystically by the highest authority of the national workers as he was found to be an unblemished person. Oh! What a mystery it is. Anybody who is working against the interest of the Naga people may deserve the severe punishment but warning should be served before any death penalty is carry out so as to bring better relationship between the public and NNW.


Do the Naga national workers need to warn the allege anti-Naga publicly? Why the NNW need to warn in public or openly (local dailies) to the allege anti-Naga person before the death penalty is given? The national workers may have the right to serve the notice secretly to the allege person involved in any anti-Naga activities but it will definitely have better rapport and unity among the public and the leaders if the warning is given publicly. Some of the important aspects that need to warn publicly can be highlighted briefly as:
Firstly, to stop anti-national work: In the name of NNW, the warning may be issued to any allege anti-Naga person. But the main purpose of warning should be to stop the work of any kind of anti-national interest and to work for the nation together. We don’t have to give any warning if we want to kill him or her secretly out of jealousy or trivial crime. So the warning may need to be given to him or her also to the family; at the same time it may require to be warned publicly in local dailies.
Secondly, allege person to repent: The allege person who is working against the national interest will understand the seriousness and change automatically for our life is more than anything else in this world. In case of any differences can be brought before the national leaders; the public leaders can also study the fact and judge or give support to the national workers or to the allege anti-Naga person. However many times the victim’s relatives alleged that not a single warning was given to him or her, which gives a doubt in the mind of the public on national workers till NNW clarify with some evidences. We know that it is always better to have trust and good rapport than rebuilding the good rapport after losing trust.
Thirdly, to accept death penalty: The victim’s kin may accept the death penalty if the warning is served to the family members before the death penalty is awarded to him or her. However in some cases, the victim’s alleged that there is not any warning given to him or her. If the national workers give warning to any alleged person, it may require having the acknowledgement note from the alleged person so that there will be not any accusation from the victim’s kin after death penalty and bring doubt to the mind of the public.
Fourthly, public are the witness: Advantage in warning the alleged person in public is that the public may become the witness of the warning given to the alleged person working against the national interest. When there is witness – nobody can claim and send out any erroneous propaganda against the national workers.
Fifthly, good rapport between NNW and the Public: It would definitely bring better rapport between the national workers and the Naga public in the process of struggling to get the Rights to Self Determination. Unless there is transparency in the system – anybody can take advantage of the defective system and bring more disunity among the Naga people.
It is not only the Naga insurgent but any insurgent group claiming to work for their nation may need to warn the alleged person in public so as to bring better rapport between the insurgent and the public. Let the people trust and give you support for whatever you are doing and sacrificing for the nation as you show the transparency and sincerity in your works.



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