TNL appeals GOI for developmental activities

DIMAPUR AUG 4 (EMN): The Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL), HQ Ukhrul has submitted an eleven point charter of demand to the Ministry of Home Affairs, GoI, its contents of which, the TNL stressed are in actuality basic

 developmental activities neglected by the Manipur government for the hill district of Ukhrul and its confluence.
In this connection, TNL has appealed that a seminar cum workshop on the charter demand entailed be conducted during the year 2009-10 so doubts and confusion hovering in the minds of the people are dispelled. The charter of demand submitted before GK Pillai, Secretary to Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs, Delhi, with signatories of TNL President Stephen Angkang and K Dickson, general secretary, implicated that all developmental activities since the day of independence were confined within the narrow cave of Manipur valley.
“Funds allotted for development of Hills district for many a time have been diverted to the narrow cave or often refunded without being utilized for development of tribal or backward areas,” it alleged.
TNL charter alleged that ‘17 percent out of the 30 percent of the present job reservation of Manipur have been snatched away by the Meiteis who think that majority is always right in democracy’.
While pointing out such anomalies, TNL has also included into their charter of demand that Ukhrul be made the summer capital of Manipur so as to ‘secure equilibrium in development and also bridge the gap of development between Hill and the Valley.’
TNL also projected the only means of road transport for Ukhrul district via Kohima-Jessami-Unhrul-Churachandpur-Mizoram which was declared as NH-150 but ironically has no seen any sign of progress after a lapse of ten years.
‘The pathetic slow progress of the region is one of the reasons for lack of people’s participation in all walks of life at par with the rest of the country. Development of National Highway in letter and spirit would mean road transport security of the region, TNL representation urged.
The charter also demanded a separate central hill university for the tribals of Manipur while alleging that Manipur central university in Churachanpur was hardly a temple of learning for the tribals because of step motherly treatment meted out to them. “This centre of learning has become a centre for exploitation for tribals and minorities in every aspect such as in the matter of recruitment of teaching and non-teaching staff and allotment of seat for admission of tribal and minorities in various discipline,’ it further claimed.
The charter also demanded on the setting up of the 132 KV Power sub-station at Hungdung. The charter deemed the present electricity distribution of Ukhrul district as strange in a sense that the consumers have been forced to pay light bill in time without the current being supplied to them. Lamenting that most of the time there was no power during day time, it alleged that the supply of power are hardly 2-4 hours.
Also highlighting on matters of financial security of the people, the charter expressed sadness that Ukhrul district do not seem to have a place in the map of SBI for ‘reasons best known to them.’ Even a small hamlet like Sekmai, famous for local liquor production has an SBI branch, but Ukhrul district is lacking behind, the charter stated adding that SBI at Ukhrul would mean security of the people.
The other points of demand included the need for cold storage for food security, setting up of Shiroi National Park for water, ecology and environment security and connectivity of the five hills district ring road for tribal trade and commerce security. 
The TNL further appealed to the Home Affairs that all the concerned ministries be invited to participate at the proposed seminar and the numerous projects cleared on the spot in the interest of public service.

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