Underground now in SDSA Election, Manipur

 -Dr.Thohe Pou

“If the undergrounds work and act as a Pressure Group (PG) without directly involve in the civil organization, they may become more popular and get more support from the people”

You may say, “Who can be against us if we have the guns in our hands?”  It may be true during the time of Adolf Hitler but it may not be applicable in this modern society if the justice and human rights are violated. The Senapati District Students Association (SDSA), Manipur held their election in September 2009 and it is alleged that the underground involved in election. Do you think that the undergrounds in the hills districts are helping the innocent civilians to function their organizations in a democratic form? Do you think that undergrounds are becoming unpopular like the Assam Rifles among the innocent villagers in Manipur and Nagaland due to lack of their cooperation and incompetent to understand the need of the common people?

It is interesting to observe that now the underground commences to involve in tribe Students Organization and District Students election in Manipur. Is that shows the successful operation of underground in the hill districts in Manipur? The underground may presume that they are successful in operating even in such a small student organization but the result may be different. The concern underground authorities may need to realize that when the underground involves in civil organization with preconception – firstly it brings disunity and divisions among the common people, leaders and students leaders due to their shortsighted ideologies also having different factions among the underground groups. Secondly, instead of becoming more popular and getting more support from the common men, leaders and students, it only tarnishes the image of their own organization.

It is depend on their own policies and ideologies but it would be good if the undergrounds do not involve in Students Organizations and allow them to exist as a neutral student body since the neutral students’ body can work more fairly with all the organizations and government if necessary. It would be also good if all the Student Unions play as a Pressure Group (PG) in our society to bring justice, rights and remove corruption in society instead of they involve in politics and corruption. Every underground has its own aim and objectives and to run their organizations more successfully is solely depending on the support of the people.  If the undergrounds work and act as a Pressure Group (PG) without directly involve in the civil organization, they may become more popular and get more support from the people. Many people may convincingly blame the British and Indian policy makers for divide and rule policies in northeastern region of India. But now it is alleged by many people that the undergrounds are directly or indirectly practicing the divide and rule policy through their support and working together with only a few sections of the people and ignoring the interest of the mass of the people.

The Poumai Tsiidoumai Me (PTM) nominated a candidate for the post of SDSA President – alleged to be supported by underground lost in the election, clearly shows that the other tribes in Senapati District do not want the underground sponsored candidate to become the President of SDSA. It is bizarre to note that Poumai Tsiidoumai Me’s (PTM) nominee for SDSA President was a candidate boycotted by Purul Youth and Student Organization (PYSO) and its village authorities. (Sangaiexpress). Any PTM member boycotted from local village student organization cannot become a member of the PTM but in this mysterious case the nominee name retained in the record of the PTM. It is alleged by many students that PTM’s candidate for SDSA President came to polling booth from underground’s vehicle. It is also allege that the PTM President working with the underground has tarnished the image of the PTM, which cannot be compensated with any material or monetary gains. According to the PTM constitution, President can be impeached if he/she involves in any political party. But what about working with the underground having guns and muscle power, which is worst than involving in any political party? What will happen in the future if the student body works together with different factions of the undergrounds? Do you think that the innocent students should work under underground or work as a separate autonomous or neutral student body in the future?

Today many people in Senapati District are apprehensive that only those candidates having underground support and link may be elected even in the upcoming District Council Election in Manipur. Many people in the District also apprehensive that next time, village student organization, village council or village GB election will also be based on underground supports. The involvement of the underground in village land dispute is not a new thing now; it is always alleged that those villages having better link with the underground could win the land dispute case. It is also observed that with this trend of underground involving in every civil organization and bringing disunity among the people – in the future the undergrounds may suffer from lack of people’s support in their operation. Will the underground be able to control from highest civil organization to village students’ organization in the future or will they suffer from lack of people’s support and trust on them? The situation in Manipur and Nagaland will be totally changed from the current situation once the ceasefire between the government of India and NSCN is ceased and peace talks failed and they may needs to have a farsighted policies and ideology. Sometimes to accept the TRUTH and FACT is very bitter but we need to accept it to have a better society, unity and developments.

Who will against you and dare to go against you if you have the guns in your hands and work for the justice and common interest of the people?  


The writer is one of the Advisors of Naga Students’ Union (NSUP) and Poumai Naga Community, Pune. The views expresses here do not represent any tribe or organization)



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