Press Release Issued by: MIP GPRN on Poumai Naga issue

May 2008: At a time when the socio-political scenario is passing through a very critical period, the role of the press become all the more important when the print media is carried away by the situation and went overboard in its reporting it could upset the whole fabric of journalism with damaging blow to the factual picture of the issue in question. NSCN comes under pressure when the Calcutta based ‘The Telegraph’ 22nd May provoked unwarranted and undesirable flare-up of tension affecting the image of certain tribal group in Manipur. The Telegraph reported that it was Poumai people who have formed the already dainted UNPC quoting Brig. Phungthing Shimrang, Convenor, Ceasefire Monitoring Cell. Unbecoming of the press obligation to issue corrigendum for the publication of fabricated statement, the paper never went beyond giving verbal word that it will be rectified. According to Brig, Shimrang such statement was never said by him to the Telegraph reporter.

“Sensationalizing the UNPC issued is highly regretted”- Shimrang. Strongly reacting to the Kohima based reporter Shimrang said “This is not the time to create such confusion”. He blamed the reporter for going overboard, charging him that he will be held responsible for messing up the issue. In upholding the national principle NSCN holds each tribe equally responsible and no tribe is undermined in this aspect under any situation. Brig Shimrang has been playing a facilitating role to be bring better understanding among the different communities that constitute Naga family. In this context NSCN appeal to the press to be cautions while reporting on sensitive issue, and never put words into somebody’s mouth to magnify news. This is not a good practice among the press.

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