Why the NH in NE always remain pathetic?

Since 1992 I used to travel by bus from Manipur to Guwahati. In 2003 I went to Aizawl by bus from Guwahati. This time I took flight from Kolkata to Agartala but since I want to experience the ground reality of the NH in northeastern States, I took bus from Agartala to Gauhati by bus and I had a good experienced travelling by bus. On 4th Dec.2009, I went to Gauhati from Agartala by bus and it took around 21 hours. It is really horrible to travel 21 hours by bus in such a Zigzag and pathetic road.

The road from Agartala to the border of Assam is comparatively better than the road from Tripura-Assam border to Assam-Meghalaya border. Its only around 60kms from Tripura-Assam border to Assam-Meghalaya border but it took around 3 hours. The road is full of dust without any tar; there are too many potholes and during the raining seasons we can even make fish pond in those potholes along the NH.

All the NH from Gauhati to Arunachal, Nagaland-Manipur, Mizoram etc also pathetic and remain the same last one decade and more. Who is responsible for this pathetic road (NH)? It takes only 1 hour by flight from Kolkata and from Gauhati it takes just 40minutes to any other North eastern states.

It takes around 16-22 hours by bus even though the distance is only between 450-650kms. Lets work together and give our voice to our NE MPs who are dreaming and enjoy residing in those beautiful Bungalows in Delhi, so that they may take a serious thought to improve the pathetic condition of the NH in NE states.

Once the NH in NE is improved and those insurgent problems in NE are solved, we will copious of tourists from mainland India and around the world. Indeed NE states of India will soon become Switzerland of India. Northeastern States are some of the most beautiful States of India but due to pathetic road condition and insurgent problem, we are still lacking behind from other regions of India.

Note: More details write-up about the trip to Agartala to be published soon*


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