Naga Gal Studying in BCWC Bangalore found dead in Guwahati

DIMAPUR, DEC 22: Grieving family members of 19-year old Tsuknungla Ozukum, who was found dead

along with a male friend Abhishek Singh (aged 21) at Ulubari, Guwahati on December 20 will have to endure a torturous wait to learn the truth behind the mysterious deaths after Guwahati Police informed that the postmortem reports would be available not before the first week of January 2110.
A student of Bishop Cotton Women College, Bangalore, Tsuknungla and her male friend Abhishek were found dead outside the residence of Abhishek’s cousin JR Singh (Jairaj Singh) at Ulubari, Guwahati on Sunday evening.
As per rules, postmortem reports should be handed over within 48 hours of the examination. The postmortem was conducted at GMC, Guwahati on Monday morning.

The deceased Naga girl was returning home for Christmas from Bangalore and reached Guwahati on Sunday morning at around 6:30 am along with her friend Chubala, whose father was waiting for them at the station. Reportedly as planned Tsuknungla was picked up from the railway station by JR Singh, cousin of Abhishek along with a girl companion.

According to family members, Abhishek, who also studies in Bangalore, was a friend of the deceased. Abhishek had to travel to Guwahati in another train as he could not get a ticket on the same train. It was reported that Abhishek had asked his cousin to pick up Tsuknungla and take her to his residence as his train would reach only later.
Around 6:30 pm in the evening, the dead bodies of the victims were found by residents of the building at IPCA, 5th By-lane, Borthakur Mill road where the cousin resides.

JR Singh reportedly told police that the two might have committed suicide by jumping off from the terrace of the 3-storied building. He also told police he was not at home during the time of the incident. However, suicide has reportedly been ruled out by Police and evidences point to foul play.

For one, sources said there were visible signs on the neck and finger marks on her arms suspected to have been caused by deep pressure. The right shin bone was found broken and there was a straight incision on the back of the head. Surprisingly, there were no reports of any internal injuries.

Reliable sources visiting the site of the accident stated that no signs of impact of the bodies hitting the ground could be detected. Sources also claimed that there was no blood found splattered at the site of the incident despite the boy suffering a head injury.

Abhishek’s cousin is under suspicion and is kept under watch by Police. 
Family members of Tsuknungla have lodged an FIR at the Paltan Bazaar police station on possible sexual assault, foul play and murder. Tsuknungla’s mortal remains reached Dimapur early this morning at around 3:30 am and funeral held in the noon. EMN