You Are My Crown

You Are My Crown

There’re millions of beautiful crowns in this world

But God has designed a special crown for me

You’re my crown; you’ll be my crown forever

Meeting you is God’s own purpose, I accept

Prepared to sacrifice for anything is your pure love

The way you love me; not one in this world gives

Let God’s purpose in our life may be fulfilled

Your spirituality and sincerity is praise worthy;

Your spotless body and heart is praise worthy

You’re one of the most wonderful creations of God

I crave to meet someone like you, I’ve found

I yielded everything into your genuine love

With you my crown is brighten in darkness

Let our genuine love be the paradigm to others

All those trivial worries vanished now

I worry no more in life; you made me complete

Life became dynamic and splendid in your love

You became the beautiful crown of my life

You’ll be mine forever; let the whole world know

You’re my love, friend, coworker and crown

Let God be the center in our love and life

Someone understanding with maturity – I crave

And you came to my life by His grace only

Your love is worth more than a romantic love

Now you’ve replaced my demised mom in my life

I find contentment in your motherly love

You pure love is incomparable with anyone’s love

Let your selfless love endures forever – I pray

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