Representation to R.S. Pandey

1. Nagas demand their independence based on 1929 memorandum and 1951 plebiscite under the following slogan:
(a) Nagas are not Indians.
(b) The land of Nagas do not belong to India, and Nagas are governed with its own unique identity.
(c) Nagas shall not pay taxes to India.
(d) Nagas declared and proclaimed their Independence Day on 14th August and so on.
2. To press for their sovereign right, Nagas have had conducted their plebiscite on 16th May 1951 and in which 99% of the showed their solidarity through it which was submitted to India and UNO. In the said plebiscite, the village chiefs led their villagers to participate in the significant event under the leadership of NNC President A.Z. Phizo. The Nagas sent their representative from their respective villages as national workers to press for Independence and the same is yet to be settled.
3. In the year 1952 the Naga village chief’s along with their villagers boycotted the first Indian Parliament MP Election in Naga inhabited areas.
4. The Indian sent their troops to Naga inhabited areas and razed down almost all of their villages households and properties to the ground, killed thousands of Naga youth, raped and molested our Naga women, chased the whole villagers into deep forest and hundreds of them were starved to death in the wilderness, and many were tortured mentally, physically and for which act by the Indian armies and those victims become paralyzed. Hence, it is pertinent to mention here that, till today the Naga villages chiefs along with their villagers shed tears for the horrible act done against them by the Indian army.
5. In the year 1963 some of the educated Naga’s signed a 16th point agreement and brought statehood in Nagaland indirectly without the consent of the Naga National leaders in which agreement assured that:
(a) Nagas shall make to protect their right and live by their own traditional custom and usages.
(b) They shall be allowed to live in one house.
(c) The forefather’s land of the Nagas which were under the neighboring states shall return to the Nagas etc.
6. The covenant made between the Nagas and GOI stating not to disturb or interfere the uniqueness of Nagas have kept each other close, but it is lamentable that India has failed on her part to implement many of those points till today.
Thus, after the death of A.Z. Phizo, father of the Naga nation, the Naga national workers broke-up into many factions. However, based on the historical right of the Nagas, every national workers, leader’s, irrespective of their different factions, they have never ended negotiating for bringing an amicable political final settlement between the Nagas and Indians.
We express our gratitude to R. S. Pandey IAS, interlocutor for Naga Peace talks for coming to Nagaland again to find out ways and means for amicable settlement. It is remarkable to state that being a statesmanship in Nagaland holding the highest post as Chief Secretary in the past, I am of the view that you have vast experienced and knowledge of the different section of people living in Nagaland. And for which I believe GOI have entrusted you to come and examine about the ground reality and its historical fact of the Nagas in order to bring an amicable solution. R.S. Pandey IAS is well known by the Nagas who also loves Nagas, and in good faith I came to meet you today.
It may be stated here that, in order to bring final settlement, we have to go back and look from where the Nagas started their movement and voiced its right before the world which was declined by the Indian and in return she sent her army to all over Naga inhabited areas and thereby tortured and harassed the innocent Naga civilians.
Therefore, it is firmed that, only when Indian realized what mistakes they have done towards the Nagas in the past and wipe out the tears from the faces of the Nagas, then only the Naga Underground and GOI will find out the ways for an amicable political final settlement.
Home Secretary GOI G.K. Pillai during his visit stated Nagas to forget ‘integration agreement and her sovereignty’ such obnoxious statement should not be repeated, instead G.K. Pillai Home Secretary or GOI should stick on the guideline as provided recently by the Naga village chiefs in order to open ways for amicable negotiation.
To speak the truth, the GOI never considered or showed the Nagas as one of their friends till today. Rather, their Army General tried to finish the Nagas in many occasions in the past by using her Jet Fighters, War Tanks, with all its Artilleries and sophisticated war machines. But the wonderful God saved the Nagas from the hands of the Indian army and kept them alive till today and waiting for a peaceful amicable settlement with India.
It is also important to mention here that, almost all the Naga national workers have declared ceasefire with India and maintaining ceasefire ground rules and gunned down even a single Indian army as peace on both sides have been restored for the last nearly two decades.
However, instead of bringing amicable settlement as desire by the Nagas, it is a shock and surprise to note here that the GOI is trying to finish the Nagas with the help of Burmese government and also vehemently opposed the agreement points, whereas, in other states within the country like Manipur, Assam, Chhatisgarh, Orissa etc., hundreds of Indian forces including public have being killed continuously by anti-national activities. But the GOI never took any action against such anti-social element.
While in comparison at dealing with Naga political issue and other states threatening the national security within the country; the GoI have never shown sincerity and honesty towards the Nagas in solving the decade’s long Naga political problem. If the GOI continues to betray the Nagas, the Nagas have no other option but to look for his own brothers and sisters in the world for help which may result to insulting and tarnishing the great nation Indian before the world.
There are so many hunters in Naga political settlement, but some of them do not have arms and ammunition in their hands though they have seen the Beast, not able to gun down till today. It may be recalled here that, in times where there is no government or no currency rule over the Naga country, the Nagas started to demand for their Independence even in the stage of earning their yearly bread with spades and machete etc. But the society and the world are changing today.
I, T. L. Angami on my behalf and on behalf of village chiefs of Nagaland would assure you that the village chiefs can sign or put their thumb impressions on any amicable settlement on behalf of the Nagas, whereas other NGOs have no authority to do so. And for which power vested on us, I inform you to make it clear before the GOI about the stand of village chiefs in Nagaland so that the way of amicable settlement can be achieved.
-T.L. Angami, founder and first president, village chief’s federation of Nagaland and caretaker,
Naga Customary Law.
Source: 11/4/2010

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