Adamant Manipur Govt. and the Active Economic Blockade

Many ignorant tribal people are excited and the govt. of Manipur is proud to hold the Autonomous District Council (ADC) or Dependent District Council (DDC) after a lapse of around 20 years but the tribal intellectual leaders have different perception on its treachery 2008 Amendment Act.  With the 2008 Amendment Acts the ADC simply becomes the Dependent District Council (DDC) in many aspects and it would be better to christen as DDC till its amendment.

The govt. of Manipur should have solved the economic blockade issue within 10 days but Ibobi Singh only want to create a big issue out of it to get people support and from the central govt. so as to remain in the chair as Chief Minister in next election also. As the Manipur govt. dreams and aspiration to celebrate 50days of economic blockade is successful without solving the problem, one needs to congratulate the govt. of Manipur for its adamant to the economic blockade problem; it is like a Golden Jubilee celebration. Fifty days back Ibobi Singh was the most hated CM of Manipur but now indeed he becomes the hero of Manipur through his obstinate head and for not solving the economic blockade problem.

Why Erabot is taking risk his life by going to Noney, Tamenglong? Of course he also becomes another ephemeral hero for the valley people through his courage food mission trip. He was praised and warmly welcomed by the people in the valley but in his second attempt to raise his status, it becomes an impossible mission in real life. Don’t you think that it would be much better and easier to call the tribal leaders for negotiation and solve the present problem instead of going for impossible mission to become another hero of the soil? Do you think that we need to raise some more heroes through food mission trip? Do you think that the govt. of Manipur is playing a foul and prolonging the economic blockade issue so that many more heroes like Ibobi Singh and Erabot are raise in the state?

“MPP legislature wing leader O Joy observed that such prolonged blockades on national highways were unheard of in any other part of the world. He also questioned the inaction of the Central Govt. and the State Govt. against this illegal blockade”   Though the MPP clubbed together with Muivah’s entry to Manipur issue with economic blockade but they have fairer approach to inaction of the govt. Recently, Minister Ranjit has summoned the tribal leaders for negotiation on 2008 Amendment Acts but the minister wants to have talk only after the ADC/DDC election. Still the re-polling is going and it will take more days to complete the election process and till then the tribal people and meteis in the valley have to suffer due to scarcity of food items, fuel etc and wait for the govt. of Manipur to complete the election processes. It is quite pathetic to see the inaction and delay tactics of solving the present economic blockade but the people living in the present state of Manipur have to wait with finger crossed for a successful amendment of deceit 2008 Amendment Acts. In one way, for the tribal in Manipur the present 2008 Amendment Acts is becoming like the AFSPA draconic law, which is imposed in Manipur.

Do you think that the present economic blockade can be solved by tribal leaders alone without the govt. of Manipur? If that is the case, why do the tribal leaders need the govt. of Manipur to do amendment in 2008 Amendment Acts? If the tribal leaders alone cannot solve the current problems, why most of the organizations and home secretary, GK Pillai is giving pressure to the tribal leaders only?

NSF Prez in a statement said, “Pillai should thoroughly read the recent amendment of the Manipur (Hill Areas) District Councils Act which has taken away the right of the tribal people including the Nagas before jumping into conclusion as to whether the action of the Nagas to launch agitations in protest against such “manipulative and oppressive act” of the Manipur government was justified or not.  The NSF termed it as “unfortunate” that Pillai did not know that it was the govt. of Manipur who blocked the NH in the first place. NSF also asked whether he has any concern for other humanitarian issues other than “blindly supporting” the Manipur government… Is Mr. Pillai the home secretary to the govt. of India or the spokesperson of the Meiteis? We can only tell to Mr. Pillai to be more fair in his approach to the present crisis if he is really interested in solving the issue.” The NSF has rightly pointed out on GK Pillai’s one sided approaches on economic blockade.  How many people have die out of hunger due to current economic blockade? What he has done when some of the metei militants have earlier killed the non-local people in Imphal and ultimatum served to them? Is economic blockade more serious than killing and ultimatum served to the Biharis and UP? Have you done your home work to tell the govt. of Manipur to invite the tribal leaders to come for negotiation?

One should also know that the present crisis in Manipur is nothing but the awakening of the tribal people through modern education and seeking their rights and justice. One of the best examples of this kind of awakening can be cited as the awakening of the Dalits and demanding their rights and justice.  The govt. of Manipur or meteis should not misunderstand that the tribal people are against them, infact it is only the demand of the rights of the tribal people.  I am sorry to say this but I doubt if some of the tribal MLAs could read and understand what is written in 2008 Amendment Act, so even if the govt. of Manipur alleged that the MLAs approved the 2008 Amendment, it can not be justifiable as now the tribal intellectual leaders come to know the treachery Act of 2008 Amendment.

The tribal people in Manipur have suffered enough and the govt. of Manipur should now give justice to the people in the Hills districts. Some of the people in the valley may point out that Rishang Keishing (tribal) was the CM of Manipur for some years. Yes, he was the CM of Manipur for some years but he became the CM of Manipur not because he is the man of the people – both for the hills and valley or extraordinary person but during that time there were divisions among the metei politicians. Anyway, what he has done for the hill people during his tenure? He loves more his chair of CM and he was only the puppet CM of the metei majority politicians. So not one can justify that there were many MLAs and CM of Manipur from the hill districts and suffering and step-motherly treatment to the hill people is justifiable. Even if there are some MLAs from the tribal areas, they were not clever and educated as the meteis politicians.

The people – both in the valley and hill districts should know that Ibobi Singh govt. is shrewdly playing a foul through delaying tactics in solving the economic blockade and trying to club together the issue on Muivah’s entry to Manipur. However one should not misunderstand and club together the different issue and solve the economic blockade urgently even before the ADC/DDC re-polling and counting of vote is complete.

-Dr. R.B. Thohe Pou


One thought on “Adamant Manipur Govt. and the Active Economic Blockade

  1. Hi Thohe,

    Well written, the style of writing is beautiful and straight to the point. Ibobi is intentionally not doing anything to solve the blockade. The longer the blockade the more points he scored for his own selfish interest. As you have rightly pointed out, blockade could be solved within 10 day, if Ibobi is sincere.

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