SMS from NE India

There is a popular SMS circulating to the people in NE India. Is this another hoax SMS, which is circulating in NE India? This time it is no about “eating charcoal to cure the sickness” (hoax sms probably originated from Nagaland). It is also not the hoax SMS about the girl who has delivered “a half snake-human baby” (probably originated from Manipur) nor the hoax SMS about “no to answer the call if the number flashes with red light” (probably originate from Nigeria).

Have you received the same SMS, which says that the failures in examination join underground and control all the sections of the people in NE India? Do you think that the failures join in underground and control the people in NE India? Today almost everyone is using Mobile Phone – both in rural and urban areas and hoax SMS is panicking the rural gullible folk around the world. Mostly the rural people around the world are prone to hoax SMS – the most recent hoax SMS was about the BBC flash news which says that one has to stay inside the room for next 24hrs in India if rains come; this is due to radiation in Japan.

The popular SMS from NE India read as – (A) Those who passed in 1st division become the Doctor and Engineer.  (B) Those who passed in 2nd division cleared like MPSC, NPSC, APSC and become an Administrator and control (A). (C) Those who passed 3rd division join in politics and become Minister and control (A) and (B). (D) And those who failed in examination join in underground and control (A), (B) and (C) -By Anonymous

The SMS from NE India may be a hoax SMS, fake or whatever it may be but it is a provoking message which will help for any normal person to ponder upon. Not all those who passed in 1st, 2nd, 3rd division or failures may become a doctor or engineer, administrator, minister and underground. Do you want to fail in the exam and control others? But we may no become a good leader if we don’t have a proper educational background. Whether we are working in MNC, become a minister or become a commander of underground or whatever profession we may be – our good educational background will enhance our working proficiency in all the fields and we should not be misguided by such kind of SMS.

It is possible that reading such kind of SMS may be disappointing to some people but it may be also appealing to some youngsters who have failed in their examination. Whether passing or failing in the exam – not everyone can become a doctor, engineer, administrator, minister and underground as we have our own competency and dreams in life. Instead of carrying away by such kind of SMS, we should work more industriously to change the prevailing corruption in our NE region. Many educated and uneducated people in NE India have joined in underground but they might have their own causes and reasons. But it is also possible that due to unemployment problem in NE, some of the educated and uneducated people might have been attracted to underground.

Whether willing to join underground or any other profession – one should not ignore the important of good education. Today, it is difficult to become a thief or gang leader without having proper education and good technical knowledge as the high security technology is now installed almost in every house and office. For e.g. last year one of the thieves was caught in Imphal while he was trying to steal the close circuit television camera (CCTV) which was installed for security purpose.

-Dr. R.B. Thohe Pou

Naga Reconciliation and Unity

Recently people have started talking only about the Naga reconciliation and unity – whether they support or against the reconciliation. Reconciliation, reconciliation, reconciliation …echoes the beautiful hills of Nagalim – even the illiterate people also started to utter the word ‘RECONCILIATION’. But now where is the Naga Reconciliation leading to? Excuse me! Some of the people may be unwilling to use the name Nagalim but I would use the name Nagalim as it is more appropriate and applicable than Nagaland to represent the “Entire Naga inhabited areas”. The Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) initiated by Dr. Wati Aier is appreciated by the Nagas and non-Ngas and now recognized by the world Baptist Churches – the Rights Award is also to be awarded to him. However one should not forget that there are also many people who are covetous of the Naga Reconciliation and Unity.

Do you support and give solidarity for Naga Reconciliation? Indeed it is a good gesture that the highest level meeting of different Naga factions was held under FNR leadership and now many people are anxiously expecting peace and love to restore in Nagalim. About the fratricide and reconciliation in Nagalim – there are different school of thoughts or perspectives. We should not be amazed to learn but there are also people who don’t want Naga to have reconciliation and unity; they want fratricide to be continued in Nagalim. The deferment of recent reconciliation meeting is welcomed and appreciated by those people who are against the reconciliation and unity. There is another group who are intentionally ignores or unconcern about reconciliation and unity.

About the solidarity and perspective on fratricide and reconciliation in Nagalim – we may broadly divide into 3 School of thoughts or groups as –

  1. Pro-reconciliation (those who support reconciliation)
  2. Anti-reconciliation (those who against reconciliation)
  3. Unconcern about Reconciliation (those who are unconcern about reconciliation)

1.Pro-reconciliation – Those who support Naga reconciliation and want fratricide to be ceased in Nagalim. It is no only the Naga but the non-Nagas who support the Naga reconciliation for different reasons. Solving the Naga political problem would stimulate to ease the insurgent problem in northeastern region. Once there is reconciliation and all the factions are united – there will be love, peace and development in the region. Nagas have witness bloodshed since time immemorial and now the Nagas want peace in the Nagalim. When the people are united – they become strong and confident but once it is divided – they are nothing. The different faction coming together for reconciliation and unity is very appreciable and will frighten the rivals and enemies of the Nagas.

At this juncture it is important to retrospect their ideology and purpose of their mission as a national worker. The deep differences between different factional leaders need to be solved whether the Naga political solution comes now or later. Will there be another blunder like Shillong Accord and 16 points agreement if the Naga factional leaders and civil leaders are not reconciled and united? The Naga national workers represents for the Naga people but if the different Naga factions are not reconciled and united, many people may question as, who ‘truly’ represents for the Nagas to solve the Naga political problem? Can the Naga national workers give up their differences for the sake of the Nagas’ dream and aspirations? We know that Naga national workers have the same dream and aspiration for the Nagas but many people may again question as, why there are lots of differences and bitterness between different factions? Is this due to their pride and struggle of leadership or just a misunderstanding among themselves? We may be just blaming the British’s ‘Divide and rule Policy’ or Indian ‘divide and rule policy’ but the Nagas are practicing ‘divide and rule policy’ in real life and we need to eradicate this divide and rule policy from Nagalim through reconciliation and reasoning together.

Let us also ponder on Naga political solution without reconciliation and unity among the different Naga factions. Who will be the main leader in Nagalim if the Naga political problem is resolved in current situation? I may be pessimistic but I can vision only bloodshed and assassination without reconciliation when the Naga political problem is solved. Naga political solution is important as Naga reconciliation and unity and no one should assume that solving Naga political problem is more important than reconciliation and vice versa. For me solving the Naga political problem and reconciliation among the different factions is equally important.

2.Anti-reconciliation group – are those who are against reconciliation and want fratricide to be continued in Nagalim. This school of thoughts can be from the Naga leaders, laymen, factional leaders and other non-Nagas. Some of the Naga and non-Nagas may be in euphoria on deferment of Naga highest level meeting as many people may be against the Naga reconciliation and unity. They may also may want the Naga underground to be annihilated each other and emerge a new society in the region without insurgent. Many people are happy and supporting the fratricide and division among Naga factions and civil leaders. In this Naga transitional phase – those who are against the reconciliation may want to break down the earlier Covenant of Reconciliation (COR).

There are people who support the eastern Nagas to have separate State and the Southern Nagalim to be separated from main Nagalim. They also want the different Naga factions to be divided and continue to kill each other. Many people want Nagas to be divided based on tribes and fight against each other. They may wish the different factions to kill each other and want the remnant leader reign in Nagalim. Solving Naga political problem can be in two ways – the honorable solution through peace talks and by annihilating all the underground. One of the main principles and desire of Anti-reconciliation people may be – the Nagas to kill each other and the remnant factional leaders may reign in Nagalim. They also want Naga people no to get an honorable solution from the present peace talks or in future peace talks. Some of the anti-reconciliation people also may be awaiting Muivah, Isak Swu, Khaplang and Kitovi Zhimomi to die due to their ageing or in factional clash so that there may be no Naga insurgent leader in the future whether the Naga political problem is solved or not.

3.Unconcern about reconciliation – those who are unconcern about the reconciliation. We have also the people who have no concern about Naga reconciliation and unity in addition to those people who support and against the reconciliation. Firstly, some of them avoid the issue intentionally as they become very individualistic and have more concern for their own family or career in life. They also don’t want to read any news related to Naga problems and issue. Secondly, some of them have no interest on Naga problem and issues. Yes, of course no everyone will become the leader, politician, social worker, writer or preacher. Thirdly, some of them are fed up with insurgent activities and long pending Naga political problem.

All those people who are no concern about the reconciliation and unity can support or against the reconciliation depending on leaders of the Nagas and the leaders should snub anyone leader or tribe when it comes to take any final verdict on Nagas political solution. The present Naga leaders also may need to reason, analyze the cause of problem together. Do you want the anti-reconciliation people to win or you want to defeat them through successful reconciliation and unity? The Covenant of Reconciliation (COR) will be possible only when they abide the COR, forget and forgive their differences in the name of God.

(The views express above does not represent any tribe or organization)

-Dr. R.B. Thohe Pou

Talent and Potential are futile in India

Many young people have numerous talents and potentialities but due to some reasons they are unable to utilise their talents and potentials. One simple reason is that they are no utilising their talents and potentialities in a meaningful way. The other reason is due to widely prevalence of corruption in our country. Today, money and influential people are playing an important role for deciding the young people where to utilise their talent and potentialities. The corruption and influences of the people prevails from the grass-root level to the highest level in the country.

Do you think that you have the potentialities but no opportunity to utilize? Do you ever ponder that if you have money or some influential people then you can do better in your life? Do you want to utilize your potential and where? Why many people don’t get the chance to utilize their talents and potentialities in a right way? Have you found the hidden potentialities within you? If you have found your hidden talents and potentialities but no place to utilize your potential; it is only due to lack of opportunity and corrupt system. Unless we remove the present corruption in our country, many of the talented and potential people will not get the chance to utilise their talents and potentials. I know a person who is talented in dealing with others and he is also a good orator too. He wants to be a great politician but he does not have money to contest in MLA/MP election since money plays an important role in election. I know another person who has great passion to teach; he has very good knowledge on the subject but he never gets teaching job in the college/university. Some people are really good in some specific fields; they have also great passion and talented but due to some unreasonable problems, they shift to different streams. This is another great brain drain within in our country due to corruption, money power and influential people. 

If we can find all those potential people and place them in the right job or work. I am sure that the present system and the productivity of our country can be changed in a positive way. Many people have great potentialities but they do not get the chance to utilize their potentials; there are some people who have less talent and potentiality but they get the chance to work in place of the highly potential people. Why these things happen in our country? There is division between the rich and poor; the influential and no influential people, which make more difficult for the poor and no influential people to get the chance to utilize their talents fully. Today, the corruption plays an important role in deciding to get a white-collar job or any clerical job in our country. In every white-collar job, the influential and rich people involved which gives little chance to the poor and less influential people to get the right job and utilise their potentialities.

I know another person who recently joined in one University as a Lecturer due to some political influences. It becomes an open secret in our country that only those who have political and influential people have more chances to utilize their talents and potentialities. Due to huge availability of human resources in India, it becomes more difficult for the less influential people to utilize their potentials. But more difficult to utilize our potentials is the corruption in our system. Tribalism, casteism, regionalism etc also becoming another attributes in job placement. When we observe and ponder more deeply, it is indeed excruciating to see the present situation in our country. The productivity and returns decreased once we substituted the talented and potential people with less talented people. We know that many people are highly qualified and talented but why they do not get the chance to work in any organization/sector? How long will the talented and potential people suffer due to corruption and due to lack of influential people? It seems that only the people who have less talents with more influential people can do better than the talented and very potential people. In many governmental sectors, it becomes very difficult to get a job without bribing with money and if we have enough money then why do we need to work in govt. office? In Christian doctrine or some other religious doctrines, bribing may be another form of sin. Do you consider that bribing is another form of sin according to your religious doctrine? If that is no a sin according to your religious doctrine, do you think that it is against the system or law? How many people have got the State govt. job in your State without bribe? In most of the States in India, no job can be guaranteed without bribe or influential people even if s/he possesses enough experiences and knowledge. Due to corruption in our system, many talented and potential people are not employed in government offices.


Today, Private Sectors or organizations are doing much better than the government sectors in many aspects; it is because many young talented and potential people are recruited in these organizations easily without the political and money influences. I know a person working in Call Center (BPO) after serving as a Lecturer in Private College. He is a very capable person having sound knowledge on the subject. His teaching also very tantalizing and the students always listen patiently to his teaching. Here the question is, “Will such a talented and potential young man contributes something good for the students in our country?” He is highly qualified but the only option for him was to join in Call Centre as he needs money to survive. Thanks to the Call Centre and all those Private sectors for providing job to the talented people without money and influential people. 

Today there are many talented and highly potential people but due to corruption in our country, they cannot fully utilize and exploit their potentials. In order to utilize our talents and potentialities, we may need to eradicate all the corruption in the form of money and influential people. Removing corruption in our system also will enhance the productivity and progress in all the work in every governmental offices or institutes.

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