Nagaland Negative Growth Rate – A sign of good Governance and truthfulness

*Another way of looking at on Nagaland negative growth rate: some of the following elements are observed:

–          Truth Reveals (more Biblical as a Christian State)

–          No corruption – no corruption prevails during households enumeration

–          Unity – unity of the Nagas is noticed during the Census operation

–          Cooperation – cooperation with the government officers and villagers

–          Sincerity – officers, enumerators, village authorities and other Naga leaders

–          No greediness – no greediness to get more schemes from the govt.

–          No dirty politics – enthusiasm of the political leader is observed in high growth rate

–          No malpractice – Enumerators did not get any bribe

–          No manipulation – villagers or village leaders did not add more voters

–          A sign of good Naga society – Naga people are becoming more truthful

–          A sign of good government – showing some sincerity and truthfulness of the govt.

–          Enumerators are devoted to their duties – tells their sincerity and integrity

–          No competition to increase bogus voters in the village – the villagers are becoming more truthful or lost their interest in politics

–          According to Hekhali Zhimomi then Nagas have better understanding on Census in 2011

–          Unadulterated mind and heart of the village leaders – no trying to cheat govt. with more population

–          Naga Civil society involvement – the unity and cooperation of the Naga civil societies with the government.


Q1. Can we also work towards our Naga Political Problem with this spirit of Unity and Sincerity?

Q2. Should the other states of India follow the steps of Nagaland Census report in the future and bring out an accurate population figure?

Q3. Do you think that there will be lots of discrepancies in total population if we carry out the Census enumeration very strictly like Nagaland State?

(Note: I have just scribbled some of the spontaneous thoughts that came to my mind as I ponder on Nagaland negative growth rate)

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