NSUP Admission Committee for University of Pune

Students are well known for their open-minded and purity of heart. They are free from dirty politics and always look forward to get a white-collar job and serve the people with love and justice. The unsullied minds and souls of the students always hungry for knowledge and want to make this world a better dwelling place. Their parents also have a great hope on them that someday they will become a respectable person in the society. Once in their life time, all the current political leaders, civil society leaders, underground leaders and all other leaders were also a student and were enthusiastic to gain more knowledge and serve the people in the future in different ways. However, some students become a good leader, while others are influenced by this corrupted world.

Every year the Naga Students’ Union, Pune (NSUP) formed an Admission committee to assist the new students coming to seek admission in University of Pune. NSUP warmly welcomes all the students to University of Pune – the Oxford of the East. Pune is commonly known as educational city; having good climatic condition and the people are well culture and due to this reason, University of Pune is one the most sought destination of educational city by the foreign students and the students from within India. Some of the present Naga leaders, writers and author like Easterine Iralu are the alumni of University of Pune.

The NSUP admission committee will assist in taking admission and give other necessary guidance. The names and contact numbers of the NSUP Admission Committee for 2011-2012 is given below. Please contact the following persons for admission in University of Pune and other related information:

1. Mr. Khosato Vese: 7620393283

2. Ms Chunchamlu: 9765275179

3. Mr Bovito: 9545812702

4. Ms Kevi: 9096962997

5. Mr. Achan: 9158830275

6. Ms Viseino: 7875036838 and

7. Mr. Dihem: 9765394579

All the admissions to University of Pune are generally updated in their website and you may also check from the University website as given below: www.unipune.ac.in. Admission for Ph.D. and M. Phil are done through common entrance examination and personal interview. For more information about admission and NSUP, you may check NSUP website: www.nsupune.com.

NSUP is delighted to learn that the NSF Conference will be held from 27th -29th April 2011 at Pfutsero, Nagaland and send warm greetings to NSF and all the participants. NSUP wishes a grand success of the Conference.

Dr. R.B. Thohe Pou

Advisor (NSUP)

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