Naga Integration through equal job opportunity

(Note: This article will be published soon in local dailies in Nagaland. Please give your critical comments on this article. Thanks – Thohe Pou)

What if we give an equal job opportunity to all the Nagas in Nagaland State? Will it bring unity and oneness among the Nagas? There are some attributes to bring unity and oneness among the Nagas and giving equal job opportunities in Nagaland state to all the Nagas inhabiting in Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur and Myanmar (AAMM) can be one of the important factors for bringing unity and oneness among the Nagas.
Many Naga prominent leaders are trying to unify the whole Nagas to have One Administrative Unit (OAU). One of the important events that protest against the dissection of the Naga country was held in 1947-48. The Nagas’ country was demarcated into different states and country like Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur and Myanmar on pretence of difficulty in administration. The Indian government had inherited the British’s “Divide and Rule Policy” as a good weapon and demarcated the Naga country to different states of India and Myanmar.

One of the British policies towards the Naga was to exterminate themselves through their own headhunting. Lord Dalhousie stated, “Allow the Nagas to exterminate themselves through their own headhunting business so as to create a buffer zone of no man’s land between British India and British Burma” (op.cit. White Paper on Integretion:8). This kind of similar policy is still with some people to disintegrate the Naga unity and oneness and the Naga people may need to be more circumspective with such kind of policy.

In Nagas history of National Movement, there were solidarity and disintegration among the National Leaders due to some unseen reasons but we have better relationship in this century. Let us anticipate that Nagas will continue to develop a better relationship through reconciliation.

What do we need to unite all the Nagas in our heart? It is not the Indian government or foreigners who can unite all the Nagas. But it is we the Nagas who can unite among ourselves through prayer and reconciliation. To have One Administrative Unit in all the Nagas inhabited areas need to have deliberation with Indian government since the earlier Naga country was demarcated to other states of India and Myanmar.

However to give equal job opportunity in Nagaland state to all the Nagas living in AAMM is in the hand of the Nagaland state government and the Naga leaders.
There is unity and oneness where there is equal opportunity for all the sections of people. I think giving equal job opportunity in Nagaland state to all the Nagas inhabiting outside Nagaland state will be one of the evidences to prove that Naga is coming under One Administrative Unit.

It would be easier for us to embrace or unite among ourselves than asking help from some one to unite us. If we are united under one local administrative unit giving equal job opportunity especially in NPSC to all the Nagas living in AAMM, it may enhance our unity and bring oneness among the younger generation. It may be difficult to give equal job opportunity for all the Nagas to get any kind of job in Nagaland but if the equal job opportunity is given in NPSC to all the Nagas in AAMM, it will be good for the Nagaland government and for the Naga people in general to come together as one Unit.

If equal job opportunity is given to all the Nagas, the Nagas from AAMM will get double chances to get job in their own state/country and in Nagaland state. But the Nagaland government and Naga Hoho leaders may consider giving job opportunity in NPSC. If giving job opportunity to all the Nagas and it will be benefiting the Nagaland State and the Naga people for more unity, the government of Nagaland and Naga leaders need to consider and give a trial.

If all the Nagas are eligible to write in NPSC exam, it will be helpful to the Naga people in two aspects. First, the Nagaland Govt. can have more competent candidates in the administration as there will more candidates and competition in NPSC exam. Secondly, it will be bringing more interaction and oneness among the Naga people through such kind of competitive examination.

As there will be Common Written Test (CWT) and Personal Interview (PI), the commission will scrutinize and select the most capable candidates. If CWT and PI are done very fairly to all the candidates, there is nothing wrong even if some one from AAMM get the prestigious post as the capable candidates can work better for the Nagaland state and for the Naga people. Selecting the most efficient and competent candidates will definitely improve the quality of administration and other economic developments in Nagaland State and in Naga-land (Nagalim).

Nagas are believed to be branched out from one family or clan but due to present political boundary demarcations, we have less interaction with each other and we become like an alien to each other. Our future Naga community leaders will be the present students studying in different fields of education and if we give an opportunity to them to work together through a competitive examination like NPSC, it will definitely help the Naga people to understand each other better.

(The views expressed above are personal and does not represent any organization or tribe)


7 thoughts on “Naga Integration through equal job opportunity

  1. Dear Dr. “Naga country” as you stated was demarcated and It remains politically demarcated. Job vacancies are based on the population and budget allocated to particular states. If every brilliant Nagas from AAMM are to compete in NPSC, don’t you think, it would be unfair for those who are originally from Nagaland state, as whoever clear the exam would be paid from the exchequer of Nagaland state? This would be feasible only after all Naga inhabited areas are brought under one administration. The other way round would be the central government recognizing NPSC as a regional competitive exam and whoever passes out can be deputed to their respective Naga regions. This arrangement would never be accepted by other states even if the GOI wants to give it a go. GOI anyway will never think seriously about Naga integration.

    • Khangrah@ it would unfair but it would be fair too; it would be depending on how the Nagas accept it. As mentioned in the article, there will be some merit and demerits for job opportunity for the son of the soil and the govt. of India… I think the GOI is nothing to do with the Nagas unity or giving job opportunity to the Nagas outside Nagaland. its all depend on our Nagas mutual understanding and sharing job opportunity.

  2. But this will deprive the Nagas of Nagaland… because the economy won’t have the ability to absorb more people since the yearly plan with Planning Commission would not be done keeping in mind such objective. And moreover for Planning Commission and Nagaland Govt to come up with a plan that could absorb any Nagas into Nagaland state Govt is just not feasible.

    • Duomai@ it will deprieve to some extend however it would be helpful for the govt. of Nagaland to work with more competent people. Allowing the Nagas outside Nagaland to appear in NPSC does not means to increase from the present require seat. So it would not affect the economy of the Nagaland govt. (it is not necessary to increase the seat or post but we will have more candidates to compete and select the best among the best. Thanks for your valuable sharing your thoughts…. it is quite unfeasible but it would be also possible if the Naga leaders and the govt. of Nagaland want to consider. We dont have to take permission from GOI or any outsider.

  3. You sound more like a dreamer than a realist. Every state has their own funds allocated depending on the population. If everyone flocks to the present Nagaland for job, won’t they be depriving the Nagas of Nagaland?

    As for opening up NPSC for other Nagas in the region, it can work if the examination is declared as a regional exam selectively inclusive of Nagaland, Manipur, Arunachal and Assam’s Nagas. Successful candidates thereafter would be posted to their respective states where they belong and their salaries and other expenses are paid from the exchequer of that state. Will the other states accept this deal? A big NO!!! Will the Government of India even arrange for this? I doubt. Government wants us to remain more divided.

    Integration is a big cry, which would be achieved when and only when we stop finding faults with each other. It’s not a job issue in the first place.

    • Thanks for your meaningful critical comment. Well, everyone who passed under NPSC should get salary from Nagaland govt. only as they will be posted only in Nagaland… it would be not feasible to post outside Nagaland under NPSC exam. Infact, the reality need to be considered as you said, and it would be indeed difficult for the Nagaland govt. to allow the other Nagas to write NPSC exam. I am happy to read some of the critical comments. Iam quite happy that you guys give comment on this article. Thanks.

  4. Its good to know that people are standing up so as to improve the lot of the people at large. Its time the Nagas get their own stage to display their genuineness in them,the ability to govern their own people and work for its better development. Employing the people in the equal basis is a good start…but my point is well the people do justice among their own people? well the prejudice against other than their own people be left behind for the common cause?…i doubt it!!!. we claim the demarcation,political system,governing body,government ….etc for building a gap among the Nagas but in actual sense, Does each Nagas felt the same? The prejudice against each other tribe still rule the blood of the Nagas…we see that clearly,distinctly in our daily lives,the school,colleges,universities,office..etc. When it comes to something that can gain something we look for our own blood to get hold of that,to grasp it at the earliest opportunities….Does the Nagas as a whole fell the need to stand up for this cause?Do we still hold the faith that we can subdue the vice? It depends on individuals to stand up and give hands for the common cause…to believe we believe in the common cause.

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