Trader murder: NSCN (I-M) terminates 2

the NSCN (I-M) IPR/GHQ, Naga Army has informed that two of its cadres involved in the murder of a trader, Md. Israr, in Dimapur have been “court martialed and terminated from national service.” According to a statement released by “Naga Army PRO Lt. Col.” S. Shipo the verdict was pronounced at the session of “Military Tribunal Court, convened by the Longvibu.”

Naga Army PRO said the panel, in condemnation of the gruesome act, found AB-11501 “major” Rosu Rhi and AB-11845 “2nd lieut.” Umesh Singh “guilty of breaching the military code of conduct in the highest order when they acted in their own selfish motive to kidnap for ransom and ultimately committed the hienous crime. “ The duo were tried and convicted in absentia, the PRO said.  NPN


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