NSCN (I-M) refutes Indian intelligence reports (About Thai women as an operative)

Dimapur: 5June 2011:

The report in some papers that two women from Thailand namely Amphai Thongthang and Parcee Thongthang are NSCN operative has come as a matter of surprise. Given the fact that they have in-laws in India who happened to be Nagas it must be a matter of family relationship, the link that nobody can deny to them, and nothing much beyond that. Besides, NSCN is not aware of their coming to India other than the media report. The NSCN, therefore, strongly refuted the Indian intelligence’s allegation that linked the two Thai women to NSCN.
Going into details of the intelligence reports NSCN would never admit that the two women are used for money transactions. Their purpose of visit to India have nothing to do with NSCN getting fund from abroad and the women doing the role of carriers. This is simply a fabrication of Indian intelligence to counter the organization in the manner bereft of any concrete evidence other than fabrication.
There is no denying of the fact that NSCN’s system of functioning involved massive expenditures. But the expenditures are met by collection from the people’s contribution in the form of tax and other commercial establishments in Nagalim. There are no sources whatsoever generated from abroad and routed to the organization’s treasury by any means. As part of the NSCN’s political campaign across the world activities can be visibly seen in different countries. But the expenditures are all met by the organization’s treasury and not through any other sources. Any other conclusion made by the Indian intelligence against this is goes in line with the usual practice of going overboard to smear NSCN’s name.
Issued by MIP/GPRN.    NPN


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