GPRN/NSCN (NSCN-K) Chief Khaplang was impeached but not split the faction: Azheto Chophy

Dimapur 8 June:

Drawing attention to the subhead of a news item under the heading “Khaplang Impeached”, appeared in this daily on June 8, with sub-head “GPRN/NSCN splits”, the “national advisory committee (NAC)” convenor Azheto Chophy Wednesday asserted that Khaplang’s impeachment by “national assembly (tatar hoho)” did not cause any split within the organization and that Khaplang’s impeachment was “long over due.”

Speaking to this correspondent over phone, Azheto said Khaplang’s impeachment was necessitated following his anti-social activities and party indiscipline.

Among these included appointment of the vacant post of vice-president on his own volition, delay in convening the National Assembly which was long overdue, hampering the FNR’s efforts to bring peace and reconciliation and his dictatorial and remote controlled type of administration overruling even the National Hoho’s resolution.
The NAC convener also accused S.S. Khaplang of setting up candidates for the Myanmar government to focus on development in that region, totally ignoring the issues confronting the Nagas here.

Reiterating national assembly’s “unanimous” decision at its meeting at Khehoi designated camp held on June 7, Azheto said Khaplang was impeached in implementation of its “national yehzabo” and “gen.” Kholi, commander-in-chief of the “Naga Army” was nominated as the acting president of the GPRN and acting chairman of the NSCN.  NPN