Khaplang expels Kitovi, Azheto and others (earlier Azheto group impeached Khaplang)

NTIMES 11June: Khaplang expels Kitovi, Azheto, others (earlier Azheto group impeached Khaplang; Khaplang is still the Chairman and lightly to break up NSCN-K and Unification group)

In counter-expulsion orders which also clearly indicated a deep rift within between erstwhile comrades, S.S.Khaplang under ‘expulsion order’ and signed as chairman NSCN were received here by email forwarded by P.Tikhak, Spokesperson, NSCN(K) today, expelled Kitovi Zhimomi,general secretary from the NSCN.

In another order, Khaplang also expelled the group led by Azheto Chophy along with Angpa Konyak(deputy kilonser ministry of chaplee), Ahtrom Konyak(kilonser, ministry of Lota),Seochem Sangtam(kilonser),Yimto Yimchunger(kilonser),Jack Zhimomi(kilonser) and Jungshi Wati(kilonser).Khaplang described Azheto’s group as ‘members of the Unification group’. In his expulsion orders signed June 10, Khaplang stated that they came into effect the same day.

It may be recalled that the GPRN/NSCN after the meeting at Khehoi camp on June 7 had ‘impeached’ S.S.Khaplang and removed him from the post of chairman, on charges of appointment of the vice president on his own volition; delay in convening the National Assembly that was long overdue; hampering the FNR’s efforts to bring peace and reconciliation and his dictatorial and remote controlled type of administration overruling even the National Hoho’s resolutions. According to the spokesperson P.Tihak, the expulsion was resolved at a meeting held in the outfit’s headquarters in Myanmar.Tihak disclosed that both Kitovi and Azheto were expelled for alleged ‘anti-party activities’.

Khaplang, in his expulsion order served on Kitovi Zhimomi, revealed that the NSCN (K) pulled out of the reconciliation process “not because it was against it but because the intentional violation of the resolved resolution by the other participating group”. Khaplang said that unfortunately, Kitovi “continued his meeting with those groups even when many national workers were bleeding in the hands of reactionaries.”

Further, Khaplang said “there was always a dagger in the smile of the people who sent their cadres in various parts of Naga inhabited areas to kill the national workers while talking reconciliation on the other hand.”

He said on “sensing their hidden agenda” his outfit has vowed to fight them “tooth and nail” and that even presently, they were fighting “the reactionary forces in eastern Nagaland as well as in Tirap and Changlang districts of Arunachal Pradesh and Southern Nagaland. NPN