Stop Holding Grudges in Life

Life lets us down. People we count on disappoint us; others transgress against us. A financial fortune is lost overnight; a healthy body is broken in an instant. When misfortune strikes, some people generate enormous resentment against others or against life in general; they are determined to extract some measure for what they have lost. Others accept their fate and go on to make the best of life. You can free yourself of grudges….some suggestions are given below.

1. Try to recognize that the grudge is weighing you down and holding you back. Even if you recapture what you’ve lost, you’ll only regain the status quo. Use your precious time, instead, to grow and to advance.

2. Don’t allow misfortune to turn you into an entitlement seeker. Instead of focusing on your rights and what you have coming to you, aim for the higher t hings in life. Help others out of fixes life yours; accomplish an extraordinary feat; acquire knowledge; leave behind a meaningful legacy.

3. Forgive publicly any persons who may have wronged you. Get on with your life.


Courtesy: Dr. Chetan Chopra