Stop Jealousy and Start to Enjoy with your own Work

Love comes from God; love lives within you. You cannot love or appreciate others by reading all the books in the universe nor by the highest intellect you acquire nor by studying of various philosophies or science of the world.

You may assume to be a good human being but without love and appreciation in your heart, you are just another good hypocrite and you are just deceiving yourself.

Do you jealous other people?

How can you jealous others when you have love and appreciation in your heart?

It is impossible to hate or jealous others whe you truly love God and there is love and appreciation in your heart.

Jealousy on others only weaken y

Jealous of others!

our spirit to do any good work without affecting much to others. Other people may just snub your jealousy or even may no notice your jealousy and continue to enjoy doing with their own works.

So stop jealousy on others and start to enjoy with your own works.