Sex workers but no Red-light Area in Nagaland (Part I)

North Eastern states are no well developed in many aspects like other States in India. But these states are very beautiful with beautiful flora and fauna, landscape and free from red light area and beggars. There is no Red light area and Beggar Street in North East (NE) India but the recent report of 1000 sex workers working in Mokokochung (Nagaland) envisages possibility of red light area in the town and other towns in NE India. Some years back, deliberation on sex education in the family was a taboo in our society but today we can observe sex-workers quietly accosting and strolling around in our town, which is quite shocking and surprising.


Are we becoming more liberal in our way of life and thinking or becoming more immoral in our society?  Some years back, I used to say to my friends (from mainland India) that there is no sex-worker and beggar in NE India. But it is indeed shocking to learn that there are 1000 sex-workers in such a small town – Mokokchung.  If we add the number of sex workers in Kohima and Dimapur, it may be more than 3000 sex workers in Nagaland. Bible says about committing sin: adultery will not be forgiven. If we go by this Bible verse, whether there is negative or high growth rate or thriving thieves in Nagaland do not distraught much to the people but the recent report about sex workers in such small town – Mokokchung is indeed deplorable and alarming. I have heard before that there are sex workers in Dimapur but for the first I’ve heard that there are so many sex workers in Mokokchung. One of my friends told me in 1999 that there are many prostitutes in Pune red-light areas from NE India. But I have confidently told him that there wouldn’t be any girl from NE India. However, now I am doubtful whether there are sex workers from NE India in Pune and other metropolitan cities as the human trafficking business is now flourishing in NE region.


I’ve not seen any beggar in any town/capital in NE India except some beggars in Guwahati Railway stations. Most probably the beggars in Guwahati railway stations are immigrant beggars travelling through Indian railway routes. NE region is one of the richest natural resources in India and there is a very scope of agriculture, horticulture and other business due to advantage of bordering with other countries like Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and China. In other states in India, many people become a beggar due to landless problem and they have the some good reasons to beg in the street but in NE India people are comparatively better in their economic for survival. It may be wrong, but according to my personal observation, only those lazy people and easy to earn money join in begging in NE India. One of the important reasons for begging can be due to displacement of people in the region due to frequent violence and ethnicity clashes.


It is possible that the sex workers are having HIV and AIDS and it will be dangerous to the society within a few years. It is well known that NE people get AIDS from drug addict people and people get AIDS in the western region of India from sexual relationship. However now the scenario is changing fast and it is possible that the people in NE are now getting AIDS both from sex workers and drug addict people and the number of HIV patients will multiply very soon. To be continued…


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