Safeguard Naga historical and political rights: FNR

NTIMES 22July: Safeguard Naga historical and political rights: FNR

Dimapur, July 21 (MExN): The Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) has appealed the Naga political groups to stop all forms of provocation which may endanger the reconciliation process. FNR released a statement today urging the political leaders to prevent violence of any form in the Naga areas, and encouraged them to address and resolve all differences in a democratic and peaceful manner. Above all, it requested the Naga political groups “to respect the aspirations of the Naga people and to safeguard the Historical and Political Rights which has been agreed to in the Covenant of Reconciliation (COR);” urging the signatories of the COR and all Naga political groups not to destroy the hard earned progress that has been made among them since 2008.

Pointing out that reconciliation is not the end but a means towards wholeness, FNR said that for the Nagas it is a means towards securing the Naga historical and political rights through non-violence and understanding.

“The Naga Reconciliation process is only just one part of the larger Naga ‘jigsaw puzzle’ and it would require every Naga individual and group to contribute in putting together the wholeness of the Naga ‘jigsaw puzzle,” the FNR stated.
FNR further reminded that, today the Naga people are deeply concerned by the increasing tension between the Naga political groups.

The fluidity of the present situation and the manner in which the Naga political groups are addressing their differences has raised serious worry, particularly for the common man and woman, FNR stated; adding that Naga people are anxious and understand that there are differences between the Naga political groups and that is why, the people have time and again asserted that Naga reconciliation is a social and political necessity.

Despite the differences which FNR thinks are unfortunate, but not insurmountable, it believes that with the support of the people and the wisdom of the political leaders, these differences can be resolved, and they must be resolved. “If these differences are allowed to prevail, it will only jeopardize the Naga historical and political rights,” the FNR stated. Morung Express


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