‘Hasten’ reconciliation process: Fellowship of Naga Baptist Associations

NTIMES 28.2.12 ‘Hasten’ reconciliation process: Fellowship of Naga Baptist Associations

Fellowship of Naga Baptist Associations (FNBA) Monday requested Forum of Naga Reconciliation (FNR) to “speedily” address issues and problems that stood in the way and “hasten” the process of “reconciliation, peace and unity”.

FNBA has expressed the hope that all Naga frontier organizations would come forward to support “reconciliation” February 29.
In a statement, FNBA president Rev. L. Bizo and general secretary Rev. Dr. V. K. Nuh said it was FNBA’s vision and dream that “in and for God’s glory” all Naga people would one day live “together in one common territory, in one country as a nation”, where there would be no geographical barriers but “only one united states of the Naga Nation”.

They said Naga unity was the need of the time, a unity which was “inclusive” and in perfect harmony with “thought and action –totality of the total being”.

Asserting that history has revealed that there were “commonalities and special features” which contributed to the cause of Naga unity, FNBA said that the time was “ripe” for all to focus and concentrate on these commonalities and strengthen “unity”.

To this end, reconciliation was the key to bring “common hope and aspirations” said the statement. Pointing out that “reconciliation” was like the beauty of musical harmony, FNBA said “discordant keys of conflict and confrontations must be corrected and tuned up”.

It emphasized that importance of giving “pragmatic perception” to history and situation and said that there was the need to strive for “stronger cooperation and active engagement” in decisions on reconciliation.

The statement said that FNBA was a fellowship of all Naga Baptist Churches and Associations for the entire areas of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Myanmar and Nagaland state. NPN


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