NNC welcomes FNR resolution

NTIMES 13MARCH;  NNC welcomes FNR resolution

Dimapur, March 12 (MExN): The NNC said today that after thorough deliberation on “the matter” of Forum for Naga Reconciliation’s (FNR) resolutions adopted on February 29, 2012, “welcomes especially the 3rd resolution made about the NNC this time as rightly stated.”

However, the NNC said in a note today, that “there was nothing about the present NNC leaders who participated in the Naga plebiscite and who have worked for Naga freedom from the formation of the Naga government until date.” The note was appended by NNC vice president Royim Yimchungrii.

“In fact, the very stand taken by the FNR this time is appreciated and supported by the Parent Body of the Nagas (NNC). This manner of stating the political facts about the NNC’s historical and political rights will bring Reconciliation in reality in the Homeland as well as lead us to the right path to Naga Freedom.”

The NNC appealed that “there be no more confrontation and killing in the Naga homeland henceforth, as the path of non-violence is the best political stand and policy as adopted by the NNC from the very inception of the Naga political struggle for recognition of its historical and political rights for sovereignty.” The NNC always “stands for real peace and Naga national unity in the homeland,” it added.


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