Armed men from across the border abduct six Jessami villagers Late night release defuse tension

NTIMES 19APRIL: Armed men from across the border abduct six Jessami villagers Late night release defuse tension

IMPHAL, Apr 18 : Tension ran high at Jessami village under Ukhrul district after six of its villagers, including one VDF man were abducted by about 400 armed persons from Melourie village located in Nagaland today. The six were tending to their fields when the armed men from across the State boundary whisked them away.

According to a late evening report, the six have been handed over to Jessami police by Melourie police, following sustained pressure mounted by the State Government.

Apart from Chief Secretary DS Poonia getting in touch with his Nagaland counter part at the instruction of Chingai AC MLA, Preshow Shimray, the DC and SP of Ukhrul also got in touch with their counterparts at Pfutsero district and prevailed over them to secure the release of the six men.

According to reports received here, about 400 armed men from across the neighbouring village of Melourie in Nagaland intru-ded into Jessami this mor- ning and abducted the six men while they were working in the field.

Of the six persons abducted five of them have been identified as W Misewelo, W Nizoui, W Enilhi, W Zakitou and W Mupezo.

On hearing the news, Chingai Assembly Constituency MLA, Preshow Shimray instructed Chief Secretary DS Poonia to get in touch with his counter part in Nagaland and seek the release of the five abducted persons, said a source. Border dispute has been a long standing issue at Jessami which is located on the Manipur-Nagaland border. TSE


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