UNC-ANSAM concern over stand-off

NTIMES 20APRIL: UNC-ANSAM concern over stand-off

The United Naga Council (UNC) and All Naga Students Association, Manipur (ANSAM) have expressed concern over the current development regarding the stand off between the NSCN-IM and the Assam Rifles.

“The Indo-Naga cease-fire was put in place after the chiefs of armed forces of the Government of India admitted that the Naga problem required a political solution and not a military one. The Naga political groups have entered into Cease-fire agreements with the Government of India to bring peace and for an honourable settlement of the Indo-Naga issue,” the joint statement of UNC and ANSAM said today.

They said the “intrusion” of the 29th Assam Rifles (AR) within 20 metres of Hebron, the NSCM(IM) Council headquarters under the direction of Major Sukanta on Thursday was a gross violation of the cease-fire ground rules. “The willful violation by the 29th AR tantamount to going against the letter and the spirit of the cease-fire agreement.

Therefore if the personnel of a disciplined armed force of the Government of India wilfully violates the ground rules instead of enforcing them, then there must be some vested interest or hidden agenda in the chain of command at the instance of the enemies of peace” they said while adding, “We are also very much concerned that there are reports of heavy deployment of AR forces around Hebron and other designated camps in Naga areas and also detention of NSCM (IM) functionaries.

If such alarming situation is allowed to stem out from the irresponsible lapses of some jawans/officers, it does not auger well for the hard earned peace”.

The 15 years old Indo-Naga peace talk which has of late reportedly made good progress cannot be subjected to disciplinary issues revolving around some few jawans/officers. The cease-fire and the peace that came with it belongs to the people and not only to the signatories. There are mechanisms already in place for restoring normalcy and it is our appeal to the parties that good sense be allowed to prevail and peace be upheld and safeguarded, both ANSAM and UNC joint statemed said. MExN


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