Be prepared for ‘any eventuality’: NSCN-IM

Meanwhile, stating that the April 19 incident has shown the ‘real intention’ of India, the NSCN-IM today said ‘we should get prepared for any eventualities’.
In an MIP release, the outfit said no amount of excuses or explanations can justify the ‘outrageous trespass’ of the Assam Rifles into the NSCN Camp, while reiterating that it was a planned and deliberate act of provocation. It also accused the CGMG chairman of trying to ‘shy away’ from his neutral responsibilities in the deepening crises situation that has followed.

The NSCN-IM has also slammed the NPF government who, it said, claims to be a facilitator in the peace process between the NSCN and the GoI but has remained silent in the current imbroglio. Stating that the NSCN is only a political group but that the entire Naga population is being threatened by the ‘dangerous consequences’, it said ‘the Naga people may ask the reasons why the State Government does not raise a voice in such a critical situation’. “If any undesirable situation is created from today’s crisis, the Government of Nagaland state should be squarely blamed by the Nagas,” it added.

While more than 95% Nagas desire freedom from want and oppressions, the release said they have witnessed how GoI and its leaders are acting in political dialogue and that the April 19 incident at Hebron is a good lesson for all Nagas. Also stating that the other factions talking about political dialogue with India will experience the same ‘insincerity and false diplomacies’ from the GoI, it said the said the incident should be an ‘eye opener for all sections of the Naga people’.
Asking the people to be prepared for ‘any eventualities’, the NSCN-IM release said we should ‘unite as before and fight with whatever is available at our command’. EMN


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