Naga Mothers hectic parleys to break impasse

NTIMES 24APRIL: Naga Mothers hectic parleys to break impasse

DIMAPUR, APRIL 23 (MExN): The Naga Mothers’ Association (NMA) today called on the Inspector General, Assam Rifles at Kohima to impress upon his office the serious concern of the mothers on the building up of armed forces around the designated camps of the NSCN IM, including their Headquarters at Hebron.

The NMA demanded that the security forces be withdrawn at the earliest in the interest of peace and security of civilians to avoid undue harassment by the setting up of check gates by the Assam Rifles. The NMA also impressed upon the Inspector General , the importance of the continuity of the Cease fire and the ongoing peace talks in the interest of the Naga people.

According to a press note from the NMA, the IG, Assam Rifles assured the NMA delegation that he had instructed all officers not to harass the public in any way and that it would not affect the peace talks. He further said that the minute the arms of the five Assam Rifles men, in custody with the NSCN IM is returned, the security forces around the area would be withdrawn.

Later in the afternoon, the NMA delegation met the Commander In Chief, NSCN IM at his headquarters Hebron. The Chief made it very clear that the Assam Rifles had made the error and had tendered the apology that there was an error. However, the question of returning the arms would be decided upon by the higher authority, as it has been referred to their leaders. The NMA suggested that the NSCN IM may return the five fire arms in the interest of the safety of the public, including women and children and to avoid any undue confrontation.

The NMA stated that it’s team were witness to the two check gates on the road to Hebron and also the continuous stopping and questions of identity the NMA had to undergo, in spite of informing the authority of the Assam Rifles a delegation of the NMA was on its way to talk with the NSCN IM and the assurance no harassment would be meted out by the same.

The NMA in its meeting today, the 23rd April 2012, resolved to appeal to the IG Assam Rifles to immediately withdraw the Assam Rifles around all designated camps of the NSCN IM and the check gates, in the interest of peace and safety of the civilian population. That, the two groups- the Assam Rifles and the NSCN meet in an atmosphere without any armed threat, under the Cease Fire Supervisory Board and resolve the matter immediately in the interest of maintaining peace for the people. The NMA also reiterates its demand for repeal of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act from the state of Nagaland.

The NMA also called on the Home Minister and discussed NMA’s concerns on the standing impasse between the NSCN IM and the Assam Rifles and sought the attention on the Government on the same, in the interest of peace. Further , NMA shared its concerns on the security concerns of women and children on the building up of armed forces by the Assam Rifles, around the NSCN designated camps including Hebron.

The NMA also apprised the Chief Secretary who is the Chairman of the Governing Body of the NRHM on NRHM issues raised by the Association and demanded for immediate action on NMA’s demand for Inquiry and action on irregularities. The NMA delegation was led by the President Mrs.Abeiu Meru, Advisor Rosemary Dzuivchu,Advisory Board member Ms.Angela Yhome, Secretary, NMA Mrs.Lochumbeni Humtsoe and Joint Secretary, Mrs,Sawmi Leyri.

Mrs.Lochumbeni Humtsoe,

Source: Morung Express


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