NISC asks GoI to show ‘statesmanship’

23April: Naga International Support Center (NISC) Monday called on the Government of India to let “common sense prevail” and show the statesmanship to resolve a long lasting conflict. In a statement, NISC claimed that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has proclaimed “no sovereignty and no reunification for the Nagas” and asked if Nagas would remain “silent”.

NISC stated that recognition of “unique history” of the Nagas by the Government of India meant that it acknowledged the Nagas had “no cultural, linguistic, religious, economic or communicative ties with it and were only connected because Britain colonized and ruled both”.

The center alleged that quite contrary to the peace talks and cease-fire ground rules, dozens of Naga leaders were arrested and “Naga military camps harassed”. It reminded that NSCN (I-M) leader Anthony Shimray continues to languish in “an Indian jail for crimes the Indian Government commits on a daily basis (procuring arms to wage war)”.

NISC reminded the Government of India that to “provoke the Nagas” meant that its policy would lead back to the “war nobody wants”. NPN


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