NPF led government’s silence irks NSCN (I-M)

24April: NPF led government’s silence irks NSCN (I-M)

Turning on the heat on the NPF-led state government NSCN (I-M) Monday questioned the “silence” of the government to the ongoing tension and stalemate in the aftermath of the April 19 incident between the Assam Rifles and its cadres at Hebron Camp.

In a hard hitting statement, the NSCN (I-M) MIP also indicted the NPF-led Nagaland government for maintaining “dead silence” over the situation.

Pointing out that while the state government “boastfully” claimed it was a facilitator in the peace process, NSCN (I-M) asked what was the Nagaland government doing during such “crisis and uncertainty”. It also demanded that Naga people should ask the reasons why it (state government) did not raise a voice.

MIP cautioned that “dangerous consequences” was threatening the entire Naga population, and warned that if any undesirable situation was created from the crisis, the state government should be “squarely blamed” by the Nagas.

Pointing out to the AR’s “outrageous trespass”, MIP said that no amount of excuses by AR and other Indian government agencies could “justify or cover the crime”.

Alleging that the entire incident was a planned and deliberate act of provocation, MIP said AR were the “instruments and the real actor was/is either the Government of India or the Indian Army top establishments which have dangerous differences with their government.”

MIP said AR actions indicated that there was a “powerful back-up” from the high command. It also alleged that CFMG chairman Maj. Gen. (retd) N. George was “awkwardly trying to shy away his neutral” responsibilities.

MIP said the April 19 incident was a lesson for all and cautioned that the other “factions” talking about “political dialogue” would certainly experience the same “insincerity and false diplomacies”. Emphasising that Nagas were united in desire for “freedom”, MIP called on all to “unite as before” and be prepared for any eventualities. NPN



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