Naga Hoho anticipates Prince Andrew’s visit

NTIMES 1MAY: Naga Hoho anticipates Prince Andrew’s visit

DIMAPUR, APRIL 30 (MExN): Britain’s Duke of York, Prince Andrew will be arriving in Nagaland May 1. The third child of Queen Elizabeth II will be in Kohima where a civic reception has been scheduled at 1:00 PM on May 1 at the NBCC Convention Center in the new capital complex. The visit is to commemorate the Queen’s 60 years on the throne. The royal is also expected to visit the 2nd World War II cemetery here and the Naga heritage village Kisama.

Meanwhile, the Naga Hoho on behalf of the Naga people has warmly welcomed His Royal Highness, Prince Andrew, The Duke of York, to Nagaland and wished him a pleasant and memorable visit. Taking the opportunity of this special visit by a member of the British Royal family, the Naga Hoho in a press note sought to bring to the notice of His Highness and the British Government through His Highness, “the expectations of the Naga people in reciprocation to the hospitality and the support extended to the then British Empire by the Naga people”.

The Naga Hoho in its press note issued by Kevilatuo Kewho and Inaka Assumi, President and Vice President respectively stated that the Naga people under the banner of the Naga Club had submitted a memorandum to the Simon Commission in the year 1929 expressing our desire to live as a people and a nation and not to live under any foreign or alien rule. In the same spirit, the Nagas also declared our Independence on 14th August 1947, a day before free India declared its Independence, the Naga Hoho reminded.
Stating that today, the struggle for the recognition of the Nagas as a people and nation still continues, the Naga Hoho reminded that the Naga people continued to strive to maintain and hold on to their unique culture, way of life, values and beliefs. “We believe memories are long and for all the support and sacrifices made for the British empire, the brave warriors of the Naga Hills will not be forgotten by the British Government”, the press note stated.

Pointing out that the World War Cemetery will perhaps remind His Royal Highness of the crucial role Nagaland and its people have played in World History and History of the British Empire, as such, the Naga Hoho has appealed to His Highness and the British Government to fulfill their dues to the Naga people by setting straight the records of history and affirming that the Nagas were never under any foreign rule till the British entered the Naga areas.


‘UK’s intervention in Indo-Naga issue wanted’

Dimapur, April 30 (MExN): An organization called ‘Naga International Support Center, Amsterdam’ (NISC) today issued a press release ‘reminding’ Prince Andrew of Britain’s ‘lack of responsibility’ of the commonwealth lands.

“The Nagas want the British to intervene in the Indo-Naga conflict as it should tell India and the Nagas what exactly was transferred to the Union of India without consultation or consent of the Nagas themselves how,” NISC said.

According to the NISC, the Naga National Council had “rightfully reminded” Prince Andrew “about the neglect of the United Kingdom concerning the right to self determination of the Naga peoples.”

In 1929, Naga leaders told the visiting Simon Commission that they wanted to be free when the British leave. “…the British still turned them over to the emerging Union of India even though it knew that it had no control over a large part of the Naga areas. The British kept quiet when the Nagas proclaimed their independent Nagaland in 1947, one day ahead of the Union of India,” the NISC said.

The press release said that that the Nagas want “reunification” and that their “ancestral areas in Myanmar” be reunified with “their areas in India.” The areas in India are Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland and Manipur, the NISC said.

“These states in India were founded long after the Indo-Naga conflict began, the first one being Nagaland which was inaugurated in 1963; nine years after the Indian Armed Forces invaded Nagaland.”

The NISC also noted that Prince Andrew is scheduled to visit the Kohima Second World War Cemetery to pay his respect to fallen British soldiers “but with the acclaimed help of Naga soldiers many more British survived.”

The press release also suggested that a “demonstration on this May one labor day will drive these points home; home to the UK.”

“…the Naga International Support Center, Amsterdam, reminds Prince Andrew of Britain on the issue of post colonial accountability the Dutch also lacked to follow up on. Not only the Dutch or the British but practical all colonizing nations suffer from this lack of responsibility.”
– Morung Express

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