NSCN Khaplang & Union of Myanmar sign bilateral cease-fire

DIMAPUR, MAY 8 (MExN): Delegates of the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN) Khaplang was warmly welcomed by crowd numbering few thousands from families of Naga, Kachin, Shan and Burma at Khamti harbor. A homely atmosphere was created by the gathering which was led by Naga Baptist Convention (NBC) and Naga Yuya, informed a press note issued by the MIP. The NSCN Khaplang also expressed its indebtedness to the USDP and Swe Nung Yan Company for what it termed as “immeasurable support and co-operation” besides thanking the Naga Baptist convention and Anglican Churches for all translation works.

The MIP note also disclosed that the bilateral Cease-fire between National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN/GPRN) Khaplang and Union of Myanmar was signed on 9th April 2012 at Khamti town, the Naga Headquarter and finalized by the representative of Central level at Naypitaw.

The NSCN Khaplang team comprising six (6) members was headed by Mr. Y Wangtin Naga. The other members were Mr. Chowangsing, Kilonser, Mr. Angkan Kilonser, Mr. P Tikhak, Kilonser, Brig. Angmai and Mr. Shanwang RCM, while six (6) members team from Union of Myanmar was headed by Col. Kyiniang, Minister for Border Area Development. “There was exchange of joy and happiness as Cease-fire between the two entities signed after more than 60 years of military conflict”, stated the MIP note.

As per the MIP note, in the meeting, the representatives boldly told that the “NSCN is an authentic political institution struggling for Naga Sovereignty with mass support of the Nagas across the artificial boundary”. “The leader of the NSCN team Y. Wangtin Naga delivered his speech that, both Myanmar and NSCN realized the futility of military confrontation for almost six (6) decades which expedited this meeting for Cease-fire with open mind”.

Wangtin further said that the elements of suspicions and distrust should be removed so as to understand each other more clearly. He lamented “some section of people who misunderstood the Nagas as hostile forces without knowing the core issue of their problem”.

“Mr. Y Wangtin recalled the history of Myanmar Government and Naga people for the past six (6) decades as the history of tears and blood, wars and conflicts. Therefore, both the entities should forget the past and look forward for better future through mutual understanding of each other’s problems and difficulties”.

He also reminded that, when union of Burma became a sovereign Nation on 4th January 1948, Naga people did not join the Government because, both in India and Burma, Naga people were struggling for independences from British Government, but the “white people left the fate of the Nagas in the hands of Burma and India which was very unfortunate”.  MExN


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