Two Naga boys attempted to rape a Naga girl in Mumbai

The victim had gone to Mumbai looking for work in the month of March 2012. She was accompanied by one of her friends who also belong to the same community as those two who attempted to rape her.

The incident took place on 10th June 2012. When she came to Mumbai she did not know anyone other than her friend so she stayed with her friend together with a few other guys in a flat. While undergoing training at a Call Center she became acquainted with the two accused. One of the two later got a job as also did she. On the fateful morning of 10th June, one of the guys invited her for lunch and together they all went to another friend’s flat around 9.30 am. She did not suspect anything as she treated them like her own brothers and trusted them.

They arrived at the friend’s place around 10 am but the friend said he had to go to work and left. The girl also wanted to leave since the host had left. However the two guys persuaded her to have lunch first and go. Then the guys proceeded to drink liquor and offered her drinks as well. She flatly refused and settled for a cold drink. She then helped to prepare the lunch and they had their lunch. After lunch she wanted to leave but again they requested her to stay just a little while so they could finish their drinks and leave together. Again they tried to convince her to drink but she refused.

When one of the guys went to the toilet, the other started molesting her with attempt to rape. She screamed and asked for help from the other guy who did not respond. When the second guy came out from the toilet the girl’s clothes were already torn. The other guy then instead of helping her joined his friend and started attacking her. They held her hands and legs and tried to remove her underclothes. Because she continued screaming one of them tried to stuff a hanky in her mouth and threatened to kill her if she did not stop screaming. She screamed back saying she’d rather die than let them rape her. She kept kicking out at them and resisting them with all her might. After a while they slowed down a bit. Grabbing the chance she ran outside into the corridor and shouted for help. Luckily some neighbours heard her and came to her rescue. Later the police arrived at the scene. When the victim shout for help and the people come to rescue her, the culprits also came out and claimed as, “she is mad and simply shouting here;  she is my girl friend

When they were taken to the Police station for their statements one of the guys said she was a friend and that they had not done anything wrong. The police did not even lodge an FIR despite the victim’s statement. Most likely they had been bribed. Later when the other friend, at whose house this happened, came to know he also threatened the girl to withdraw the case if she did not want to face more problems.

The Naga Students’ Union, Mumbai (NSUM) was then informed and they proceeded to handle the case. They decided that it should be settled through a compromise system wherein a ‘Remarks Letter’ will be sent to the culprits’ Church and parents. The Letter is to be approved and dispatched by the victim’s caretaker and other senior members of her community. Till the time of this report the victim’s guardian has yet to receive the said Letter from NSUM.