Naga Students’ Union Mumbai clarifies on ‘attempted rape’ case in Mumbai

DIMAPUR, JUL 2 (NPN) : In connection with the case of two Naga boys who attempted to “defile” the modesty of a Naga girl on June 10 in Mumbai, Naga Students’ Union Mumbai (NSUM) Monday said that it took a resolution on June 23 with the counsel of elders and warned all parties to refrain from such “indecent and immoral acts” failing which the union would be compelled to take stringent actions.

In a statement, NSUM president Songam Raikhan and secretary Thunglamo Odyuo said that the union held a meeting on June 23 to settle a complaint filed on June 20 by a Naga girl accusing the two Naga boys who attempted to “rape and defile her modesty” and requesting the NSUM to take action against the two.

NSUM stated that it summoned both the parties for “adjudication of the complaint” and also formed an ‘Action Committee’ comprising elders and senior members to deal with the case.

The ‘house’ heard both the parties in length. NSUM said that after a “through” hearing/discussion based on their statements, it was concluded that both the parties “exceeded in their acts and deeds of decent moral living”.

On having accepted the accusation of the girl, the boys were ordered to “pay her” the claim as demanded by her and also to issue an immediate apology to her and NSUM.

The union also dispatched letter of “immoral and criminal acts and deeds” of the boys to their respective parents and churches as demanded by the girl and her representative guardian.

According to NSUM, on June 10 early morning the two boys and the girl who were working in the same company went for a party at Lower Parel where one of the cousins of the boys stayed. The union also provided the snippets of the statements of both the parties.

The statement of the girl said the boys had drinks and forced her to have the same. After lunch, the boys drank again. One of the boys attempted to “have sex with her and forced her to strip”.

Despite pleading to leave her alone, one of the boys “held her hand and the other strangled her” and tried to rape her. When she shouted, neighbours came ang later they went to police station. According to the statement, the girl was let go by the police and the police also took some money from the guys and let them go.

One of the boys, however, said that though he had intimate relation with the girl, she refused to have “sex” with him as she did not want “unwanted pregnancy”.

According to him, she suspected that the boys were trying to do something to her and started screaming under the influence of alcohol that the two boys were “trying to rape her”.

He said that the matter was “resolved” in the police station. The other by said he was watching a movie in the living room and had no idea what the two were doing inside the room. When he entered the room, she was “undressed and was putting her cloth”, he said.

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