Case of two Naga boys, who attempted to rape the modesty of a Naga girl (Original NSUM PR)

Case of two Naga boys, who attempted to rape the modesty of a Naga girl

Mumbai, 02 July 2012


Flat no-4/73A Narvada Housing
Soceity Kalina Santacruz (E)
Mumbai-400 029
Motto:-To Arm with Knowledge

Ref No.Nsum 01/2012
Date 02/07/2012.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Greetings from Naga Student’s Union Mumbai (NSUM)! We would like to thank you for publishing our press releases in the past. This time again, we take the altruistic and compassion of your esteemed daily for this press release. We remain ever grateful to you for the same.

Sir, this press release is in regard to the case of two Naga boys, who attempted to defile or rape the modesty of a Naga girl on 10th June, 2012.

The NSUM on 23rd July, 2012 held a sitting for the adjudication and settlement of a complaint. The complaint letter Dated 20-06-2012 was received from a Naga girl accusing two Naga boys who attempted to rape and defile her modesty and requesting NSUM to take stringent action against the two Naga boys. The NSUM therefore, summoned both the parties for adjudication of the complaint. The NSUM also formed an Action Committee especially for the present case. The elders and senior members were invited.

Both the parties present in the meeting with one elder and four elders accompanied the boys and the girl respectively as their representative guardian. Thus, the House of the sitting for the adjudication was attended by the parties and their representative guardian, the Action Committee members, the NSUM executive members with the advisor, the Naga elders and senior members of NSUM.

The House heard both the parties in length and detail. Pragmatic analysis and discussion was done among all the members of the house on each claim, assertion, statement, allegation and defense of both the parties. Views and opinions from the party as well as the elders and senior members were sought for a peaceful and undisputable settlement without jeopardizing both the parties.

After, through hearing, discussion, opinion of both the party and their representative guardian, elders and senior members the house finally concluded that according to the their statements both the parties have exceeded in their acts and deeds of decent moral living expected by a prudent and humble person.

However, the boys having been accepted before the House the claim of the girl and her elders on her behalf ordered the two boys to pay her the said claim as demanded. The House also accepted her second claim of an immediate apology to her and NSUM. Thus, the boys were ordered to apologize in the meeting itself. The boys accepted both the claims and fulfilled so. The NSUM, as demanded by the girl and her representative guardian dispatched letter of “immoral and criminal acts and deeds” of the boys to their respective parents and churches.

The NSUM further under the resolution passed by the house on the same day and with the counsel of elders warned all the parties to refrain from such indecent and immoral acts failing which the NSUM will be compelled to take stringent actions.

(Mr. Thunglamo Odyuo)

(Mr. Songam Raikhan)


On the 10th of june around in the morning the two boy called up her to have a party a party, so she came out from her resident (after she came back home from her work at 4 am) to meet them and they went to the place where they planned to have the party. But since it was too early so the Guys who stay there refused to permit them, so they departed.

Teresa went back to her room. Now one of the guy called up his cousin who stay at Lower parel (which is 13 Km away from Kalina) asking if his flat was available to have party. The cousin accepted the request so they called Teresa again and together they left for lower parel at The two accused and the victim were all working for the same company that is how they came to know each other.

Girl (victim)
1. She went to the party organized by the two accused
2.The Party happened in Lower Parel at one of the guys cousin’s Flat.
3. The two accused along with the Cousin was there.
4. They had wine.
5. They asked her to drink Rum.
6. They were forcing her
7. She refused but gave in to their demands.
8. She only had one cup of rum with coke.
9. She took a nap and woke up.
10. She went out bought chicken.
11. They had lunch together.
12. After lunch the owner left for work.
13. After that the two ACCUSED said they were going to drink again.
14. They poured her beer but she threw it in the sink.
15. One guy was watching TV and other called her into the room, she was forced to have oral sex.
16. The guy tried to have sex with her and forced her to strip.
17. Another guy stripped her and strangled her, threatened to kill her.
18. She ran and screamed for help.
19. She was carried into the room.
20. One guy held her hand and the other strangled her.
21. She pleaded not to spoil her name.
22. The guy didn’t listen to her plea.
23. *** tried to wrestle her down.
24. Her mobile rang but she was not forced to speak.
25. Afterwards she got the mobile and hid it.
26. They tried to rape her again.
27. She ran towards the window.
28. She screamed and dialed the police station.
29. She didn’t know the address and screamed for help.(got the address from the neighbor)
30. Neighbours saw the happenings and gathered in the room.
31. Waits for the police.
32. Went to the police station, says she was one of the accused GIRLFRIEND.
33. She doesn’t understand hindi, and the police didn’t understand English.
34. She was forced to write the resolved letter to the police since owner would be in trouble.
35. The girl was let go first.
36. The cops took some bribe from the guys and let them go.


1. They were working for the same call centre.
2. They met and had plans for a party.
3. Planned it on Sunday (June 10)
4. The two guys were at a friend’s place, bought some drinks and having there.
5. Since the place was just next to her so they called up her.
6. They decided to call up one of the cousin asking if his flat was free because that particular place was not allowed to them.
7. So they went to their cousin’s place and they had MC with coke TOGETHER.
8. After it got over they went out again to purchase Rum and beer.
9. Another guy was asleep.
10. One guy and the girl were cooking, they all had lunch together.
11. Their cousin left for work.
12. And it was digene that was offered to her the tablet which she mentioned.
13. The Guy and the girl were in the room and they had oral SEX, the other guy was in the living room watching a movie.
14. She refused to have sex though, saying she didn’t want any unwanted pregnancy.
15. Now the guy went to the living room and gave to other guy who was in the living room and went to give her tops.
16 so he gave it back to her.
17. At that time one guy went and pick up his slipper, she thought they were trying to do something to her and started screaming.
18. The guys had no such intention and told her so.
19. She runs towards the window and shouts for help, saying the two boys were trying to rape her.
20. She started screaming under the influence of alcohol.
21. The guys panicked and gagged her mouth while the other held her hand.
22. She called the police
23. One guy said it was the neighbours who called the police and not her.
24. They were all taken to the police station.
25. They resolved the matter there itself.

Another Boy(ACCUSED)
1……………………….the same thing………………… as the Guy.
12. Both of them were inside the room while he was watching a Movie in the living room.
13. He has no idea what they were doing inside the room.
14. She was undressed, and was putting her cloth on whn he entered the room..

* This Press Release was sent by Naga Students Union Mumbai
The sender can be contacted at nsum1971(at)gmail(dot)com
This PR was webcasted on July 02 , 2012 and later updated on July 5 2012.


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